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Dauntless' Hunt Pass Season 5 was released in Patch OB 0.8.0 on May 21, 2019. Titled "Hidden Blades", the season features thematic content revolving around assassins and the Moon Blossom Festival. A free version of the Hunt Pass with 50 tiers of rewards is available to all players. An Elite Hunt Pass bundle featuring two new outfits and 50 additional tiers of rewards can be purchased for 1,000 Platinum. For 2,400 Platinum, players can purchase the Elite Hunt Pass bundle with the first 15 tiers unlocked. The release of Hunt Pass Season 5 also coincides with some major changes to the game: Dauntless is now available on Xbox and Playstation 4 alongside the Epic Store and features both cross-play and cross-progression. Additionally, character movement, the elemental system, the character creator, and dyes received reworks, while Axes and Ostian Repeaters received unlockable weapon specials.

Hunt Pass Season 5 Reward Tiers[]

Level Basic
Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png
Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png
1 Bronze Slayer Core Ninja Set
2 Barrage Grenade Gold Slayer Core
3 Platinum (x25) Quicksilver (Dye)
4 Silver Slayer Core Platinum (x50)
5 Moonflower Banner (Sigil) Ripper (Sword Transmog)
6 Bronze Slayer core Assassin's Strike (Sigil)
7 Rams (x5,000) Throwing Stars (emote)
8 Wrathwort (x20) Assassin's Strike (Flare)
9 Aetherdust (x50) Platinum (x50)
10 Silver Slayer CoreB Night Beacon (Lantern Transmog)
11 Bronze Slayer Core Barrage Grenade
Inferno Grenade
Coldsnap Grenade
Transfusion Grenade
12 Rams (5,000) Ace Chips (x30)
13 Platinum (x25) Fatal Flourish (Repeaters Transmog)
14 Ace Chips (x30) Silver Slayer Core
15 Death's Cloak (Fabric) Laughing Death (Helm Transmog)
16 None Horns of Blood (Sigil)
17 Wrathwort (x20) Transmog Stones
18 None Horns of Blood (Flare)
19 Rams (x5,000) Platinum (x50)
20 Silver Slayer Core Ogre's Claw (Axe Transmog)
21 30 Ace Chips Wrathwort (x20)
22 None Ace Chips (x30)
23 Platinum (x25) Aether Dust (x50)
24 None Gold Slayer Core
25 Moonflower (Flare) Morality's Bite (Chain Blades Transmog)
26 None Assassin's Shield (Sigil)
27 None Barrage Grenade
Inferno Grenade
Coldsnap Grenade
Transfusion Grenade
28 Bronze Slayer Core Assassin's Shield (Flare)
29 None Platinum (x50)
30 Ace Chips (x30) Bloodlust (Dye)
31 None Silver Slayer Core
32 None Platinum (x50)
33 Ace Chips (x30) One Fingered Pushup (Emote)
34 None Gold Slayer Core
35 Staff of the Laughing Death (Standard) Dark Finality (War Pike Tansmog)
36 None Five Truths (Sigil)
37 None Wrathwort (x20)
38 Barrage Grenade Five Truths (Flare)
39 None Platinum (x50)
40 Platinum (x25) Starstruck (Banner Plant)
41 None Gold Slayer Core
42 None Platinum (x50)
43 None Transmog Stones
44 None Aether Dust (x50)
45 Gold Slayer Core Demonic Brute (Hammer Transmog)
46 None Spinning Star (Sigil)
47 None Festival Dance (Emote)
48 None Spinning Star (Flare)
49 None Platinum (x50)
50 Silent Shadow Threat Display (Emote)

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