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The Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass was released with Patch 1.0.2. It was announced on October 23, 2019.

The theme of Haunted Shadows revolves around the Night Hunters.


The Collectable in the Haunted Shadowst Hunt Pass is Moonstones. They are collected from the crescent charms found all around Ramsgate.


Haunted Shadows
Level Basic
Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png
Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png
1 Night Hunter's Gloves
Demon's Bane
Night Hunter's Bicorne
Night Hunter's Coat
Night Hunter's Gloves
Night Hunter's Boots
2 Moonlight Dye
3 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5)
4 Witch's Chants
5 Nightshade Dye Ghost of a Dog
6 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x5) Candle Night (Sigil)
7 Gold Slayer Core
8 Ace Chips Ace Chips (x25) Platinum Platinum (x50)
9 Bulwark Tonic (x15)
10 Dirt Nap Waxwork
11 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Witch's Mark
12 Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5)
13 Platinum Platinum (x100) Witch's Window
14 Stamina Tonic (x25)
15 Night Hunter's Boots Witch's Promise
16 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Candle Night (Flare)
17 Silver Slayer Core
18 Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5) Platinum Platinum (x50)
19 Blitz Tonic (x25)
20 Book of Secrets (Flare) Witch's Malice (War Pike Transmog)
21 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x3) Book of Secrets (Sigil)
22 Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5)
23 Platinum Platinum (x50) Gold Slayer Core
24 Lifespring Pylon (x10)
25 Night Hunter (Sigil) Witch's Crescent (Axe Transmog)
26 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Mesmer Eyes (Emote)
27 Assault Tonic (x25)
28 Transfusion Grenade (x15) Platinum Platinum (x50)
29 Silver Slayer Core
30 Night Hunter's Coat Witch's Tears (Chain Blades Transmog)
31 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Night Hunter (Flare)
32 Concussive Grenade (x15)
33 Platinum Platinum (x50) Platinum Platinum (x50)
34 Aetherdrive Tonic (x25)
35 Bottled Power (Emote) Witch's Wail (Sword Transmog)
36 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5)
37 Witch's Embrace (Banner Standard)
38 Platinum Platinum (x50)
39 Frenzy Tonic (x25)
40 Ultraviolent Hair Tint Witch's Familiars (Strikers Transmog)
41 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Swept Off Your Feet (Emote)
42 Inspiring Pylon (x10)
43 Platinum Platinum (x50)
44 Demonize (Helm Transmog)
45 Night Hunter's Bicorne Bat's Entertainment (Arrival)
46 Bounty Token Bounty Token (x2) Beacon in the Dark (Emote)
47 Lifedrain Tonic (x15)
48 Platinum Platinum (x100) Patrol Chest Daily Patrol Bonus (x5)
49 Bounty Token Premium Bounty Token (x5)
50 Mad Splatter (Emote)
The Night Hunter
Demon Bane's Bicorne
Demon Bane's Gloves
Demon Bane's Coat
Demon Bane's Boots