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Farslayer's Fall is a Hunt Pass in Dauntless that ran from Sept 3, 2020 to Sept 17, 2020. It was the first mini hunt pass, featuring items from Hunt Pass Season: Overgrowth.

Farslayer's Fall
Level Free

Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png


Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png

1 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x50) Mooncaps Sigil Icon 001.pngMooncaps (Sigil)
Mooncaps Flare Icon 001.pngMooncaps (Flare)
2 Transfusion Grenade Icon 001.pngTransfusion Grenade (x15) Farslayer's Promise Icon 001.pngFarslayer's Promise
3 Lifespring Pylon Icon 001.pngLifespring Pylon (x10) Wild Cry Icon.pngWild Cry
4 Bulwark Tonic Icon 001.pngBulwark Tonic (x15) Xelya's Standard Icon 001.pngXelya's Standard
5 Blitz Tonic Icon 001.pngBlitz Tonic (x25) Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x100)
6 Verdant Song Render 001.pngVerdant Song
7 Stamina Tonic Icon 001.pngStamina Tonic (x25) Farslayer's Pirouette Icon 001.pngFarslayer's Pirouette (Emote)
8 Wild Edge Icon.pngWild Edge
9 Assault Tonic Icon 001.pngAssault Tonic (x25) Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x100)
10 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x50) Farsight Crest Icon.pngFarsight Crest
11 Wild Howl Icon.pngWild Howl
12 Lifedrain Tonic Icon 001.pngLifedrain Tonic (x15) Aetherleaf Sigil Icon 001.pngAetherleaf (Sigil)
Aetherleaf Flare Icon 001.pngAetherleaf (Flare)
13 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x100)
14 Lifespring Pylon Icon 001.pngLifespring Pylon (x10) Wild Triumph Icon.pngWild Triumph
15 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x50) Skipping Stones Icon 001.pngSkipping Stones (Emote)
16 Frenzy Tonic Icon 001.pngFrenzy Tonic (x25) Greenfall Render 001.pngGreenfall
17 Wild Strike Icon.pngWild Strike
18 Barrage Grenade Icon 001.pngBarrage Grenade (x15) Personal Growth Icon 001.pngPersonal Growth
19 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x100)
20 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Vine Rider Icon.pngVine Rider (Hunt Arrival)
21 Wild Divide Icon.pngWild Divide
22 Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x25) Sylvan Spar Icon 001.pngSylvan Spar
23 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x50) Aether Motes Icon 001.pngAether Motes
24 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x100)
25 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (X100) Farslayer's Vision Icon.pngFarslayer's Vision
Farslayer's Marrow Icon.pngFarslayer's Marrow
Farslayer's Reach Icon.pngFarslayer's Reach
Farslayer's Balance Icon.pngFarslayer's Balance
+25 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coin (x1) Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x4)