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"Ramsgate has made first contact with the Frostwardens of Skaldeskar, protectors of a wintery realm isolated from the rest of the Shattered Isles for centuries. Gregario Flynt has wasted little time adapting their distinctive Frostwarden gear for the latest Hunt Pass."

Cold Front was a Hunt Pass in Dauntless that ran from Dec 3, 2020 to Feb 4, 2021. Five mini hunt passes also occurred during this hunt pass season.

Cold Front Rewards[]

Cold Front
Level Free

Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png


Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png

1 Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x25) Warden Scout's Jehylm Icon.pngWarden Scout's Jehylm
Warden Scout's Bryjind Icon.pngWarden Scout's Bryjind
Warden Scout's Hanskyrs Icon.pngWarden Scout's Hanskyrs
Warden Scout's Geravyrs Icon.pngWarden Scout's Geravyrs
2 Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50)
3 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
4 Frostwarden Sverd Icon.pngFrostwarden Sverd
5 Chill Out Icon.pngChill Out Gone Fishing Icon.pngGone Fishing
6 Winter White Icon.pngWinter White
7 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
8 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
9 Warden's Hjorn Icon.pngWarden's Hjorn
10 Skaldeskar Rune (Sigil) Icon.pngSkaldeskar Rune (Sigil) Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
11 Arctic Dye Bottle.pngArctic Dye
12 Silver Family Banner Icon.pngSilver Family Banner
13 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
14 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
15 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3) Frostwarden Hamar Icon.pngFrostwarden Hamar
16 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
17 Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits (x75)
18 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
19 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
20 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Frostwarden Spyr Icon.pngFrostwarden Spyr
21 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
22 Shiverer Icon.pngShiverer
23 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
24 Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x50)
25 Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50) Frostwarden Klaw Icon.pngFrostwarden Klaw
26 Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits (x75)
27 Warden's Oath Icon.pngWarden's Oath
28 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
29 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
30 Skaldeskar Rune (Flare) Icon.pngSkaldeskar Rune (Flare) Frostwarden Karvar Icon.pngFrostwarden Karvar
31 Feel the Heat Icon.pngFeel the Heat
32 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
33 Linnea Silver "Charm" Icon.pngLinnea Silver "Charm" Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
34 Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits (x75)
35 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Frostwarden Sundyr Icon.pngFrostwarden Sundyr
36 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
37 Winter Chill Icon.pngWinter Chill
38 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
39 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
40 First Warden's Bryjind Icon.pngRumour: First Warden's Bryjind Frostwarden Skjota Icon.pngFrostwarden Skjota
41 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
42 Warden's Duty Icon.pngWarden's Duty
43 Slip and Slide Icon.pngSlip and Slide Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
44 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
45 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Toboggan Ride Icon.pngToboggan Ride
46 Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits (x75)
47 Frost Knot Icon.pngFrost Knot
48 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
49 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50)
50 First Warden's Jehylm Icon.pngRumour: First Warden's Jehylm
Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngFrostwarden
Warden Defender's Jehylm Icon.pngWarden Defender's Jehylm
Warden Defender's Bryjind Icon.pngWarden Defender's Bryjind
Warden Defender's Hanskyrs Icon.pngWarden Defender's Hanskyrs
Warden Defender's Geravyrs Icon.pngWarden Defender's Geravyrs
+50 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coin (x1) Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x4)

Mini Hunt Passes[]

The Legend of Silver Nikola[]

"Everyone in the Shattered Isles knows tales and songs of the mythical hero Silver Nikola, who spreads goodwill, gifts, and cheer every Frostfall. One thing that's no myth? Gregario Flynt's festive and heroic holiday classics. Don't get left out in the cold!"

The Legend of Silver Nikola was a mini hunt pass in December 2020 during the Hunt Pass: Cold Front. It had 10 levels and cost 2,400 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum.

Level Reward
1 For The Queen Icon.pngFor The Queen
2 Frostfall Firs Render 001.pngFrostfall Firs
3 Frostfall Facepaint Icon.pngFrostfall (Facepaint)
4 Spirit of Frostfall (Flare) Icon.pngSpirit of Frostfall
5 Frostfall Bells Icon.pngFrostfall Bells (Armour Skin)
6 Frostfall Mistletoe Lantern Icon 001.pngFrostfall Mistletoe Lantern
7 Frostfall Crown (Flare) Icon.pngFrostfall Crown (Flare)
8 Lie Down Icon 001.pngLie Down
9 Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngGift of Nikola
10 Nikola's Hood Icon.pngNikola's Hood
Nikola's Vestments Icon.pngNikola's Vestments
Nikola's Gloves Icon.pngNikola's Gloves
Nikola's Snowboots Icon.pngNikola's Snowboots

Frostfall in Ramsgate[]

"The season of Frostfall brings with it many tales and traditions unique to Ramsgate. And as the city's most stylish Slayers gather over mugs Frostfall Warmer to share them, Gregario Flynt will be there to ensure those Slayers stay ahead of the latest seasonal trends."

Frostfall in Ramsgate was a mini hunt pass in December 2020 during the Hunt Pass: Cold Front. It had 15 levels and cost 500 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum.

Level Reward
1 Frostfall Shrike Flare Icon 001.pngFrostfall Shrike (Flare)
2 Frostfall Stocking Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Stocking
3 Frostfall Wreath Flare Icon 001.pngFrostfall Wreath (Flare)
4 Frostfall Bells (Sigil) Icon.pngFrostfall Bells (Sigil)
5 Frostfall Candy Cane (Flare) Icon.pngFrostfall Candy Cane (Flare)
6 Frostfall Shrike Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Shrike (Sigil)
7 Frostfall Stocking (Flare) Icon.pngFrostfall Stocking (Flare)
8 Frostfall Wreath Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Wreath (Sigil)
9 Frostfall Bells (Flare) Icon.pngFrostfall Bells (Flare)
10 Frostfall Candy Cane (Sigil) Icon.pngFrostfall Candy Cane (Sigil)
11 Frostfall Present Flare Icon 001.pngFrostfall Present (Flare)
12 Frostfall Present Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Present (Sigil)
13 Frostfall Snowflakes Flare Icon 001.pngFrostfall Snowflakes (Flare)
14 Frostfall Snowflakes Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Snowflakes (Sigil)
15 Frostfall Fringe Render 001.pngFrostfall Fringe

Ostian Winter[]

"Ostians know how to survive the cold, and design reliable winter gear treasured by explorers, adventurers, and Slayers. Good thing for the chilly inhabitants of Ramsgate that Gregario Flynt's had a direct line to Ostigaard's finest designers for years!"

Ostian Winter was a mini hunt pass in December 2020 during the Hunt Pass: Cold Front. It had 10 levels and cost 1,100 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum.

Level Reward
1 Sit Back Icon 001.pngSit Back
2 Frostfall Icicles Render 001.pngFrostfall Icicles
3 Frostfall Snowman Flare Icon 001.pngFrostfall Snowman (Flare)
4 Feral Facepaint Render 001.pngFeral
5 Frostfall Crystal Lantern Icon 001.pngFrostfall Crystal Lantern
6 Frostfall Snowman Sigil Icon 001.pngFrostfall Snowman (Sigil)
7 Enlightened Facepaint Render 001.pngEnlightened
8 Ironclad Flagstaff Render 001.pngIronclad Flagstaff
9 Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngThe Frostslayer
10 Watch Cap Icon.pngWatch Cap
Flight Jacket Icon.pngFlight Jacket
Insulated Gauntlets Icon.pngInsulated Gauntlets
Thermal Trousers Icon.pngThermal Trousers

The Burning Heights[]

"The barbarian Slayers of the rocky desert island chain called the Burning Heights rarely venture into the lower altitudes, where even a balmy spring day in Ramsgate chills them to the bone."

The Burning Heights was a mini hunt pass in January 2021 during the Hunt Pass Season: Cold Front. It had 30 levels and cost 1,500 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum.

Level Reward
1 Axe of the Nomad Icon 001.pngAxe of the Nomad
2 Cruciform Ward (Flare) Icon 001.pngCruciform Ward (Flare)
3 Burning Banner Icon.pngBurning Banner
4 Rain of Spikes (Flare) Icon 001.pngRain of Spikes (Flare)
5 Sword of the Destroyer Icon 001.pngSword of the Destroyer
6 Vicious Shield (Flare) Icon 001.pngVicious Shield (Flare)
7 Aegis of the Restless King (Fabric) Icon.pngAegis of the Restless King
8 Iron Trilblade (Sigil) Icon.pngIron Triblade (Sigil)
9 Crackle and Pop Icon.pngCrackle and Pop
10 Blades of the Warlord Icon 001.pngBlades of the Warlord
11 Brutal Executioner (Flare) Icon 001.pngBrutal Executioner (Flare)
12 Vicious Shield.pngVicious Shield (Sigil)
13 Staff of Bones Icon.pngStaff of Bones (Standard)
14 Cruelty's Edge Sigil Icon.pngCruelty's Edge (Sigil)
15 Transmog Maul of the Brute.pngMaul of the Brute
16 Iron Triblade (Flare) Icon 001.pngIron Triblade (Flare)
17 Brutal Executioner (sigil) Icon.pngBrutal Executioner (Sigil)
18 Helm of Conquest Icon.pngHelm of Conquest
19 Dragon Breath Icon.pngDragon Breath
20 Spear of the Gladiator Icon 001.pngSpear of the Gladiator
21 Heart of the Warrior (Flare) Icon 001.pngHeart of the Warrior (Flare)
22 Tattered Brutality (Fabric) Icon.pngTattered Brutality
23 Savage Light Icon 001.pngSavage Light
24 Heart of the Warrior (Sigil) Icon.pngHeart of the Warrior (Sigil)
25 Guns of the Tyrant Icon 001.pngGuns of the Tyrant
26 Crueltys Edge (Flare) Icon 001.pngCruelty's Edge (Flare)
27 Firewalker (Hunt Arrival) Icon.pngFirewalker (Hunt Arrival)
28 Barbarian's Roar Icon.pngBarbarian's Roar
29 Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngDemon of the Sands
30 Barbaric Crown Icon.pngBarbaric Crown
Barbaric Courage Icon.pngBarbaric Courage
Barbaric Strength Icon.pngBarbaric Strength
Barbaric Tread Icon.pngBarbaric Tread

Ragnar's Folly[]

"Many are the odes that have been written about the tragic hero Ragnar, a Slayer of old whose hubris led to his heartbreaking downfall and a fate so terrible it cannot be repeated in polite circles. Yet this once-ubiquitous tale is now almost unknown to the people of Ramsgate. Gregario Flynt plans to change that."

Ragnar's Folly was a mini hunt pass in January 2021 during the Hunt Pass Season: Cold Front. It had 10 levels and cost 1,000 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum.

Level Reward
1 Rams Icon 001.pngRams (x5,000)
2 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x10)
3 Rams Icon 001.pngRams (x10,000)
4 Bounty Token Icon.pngPremium Bounty Tokens (x10)
5 Ragnar's Bryjind Icon.pngRagnar's Bryjind
6 Rams Icon 001.pngRams (x15,000)
7 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x10)
8 Rams Icon 001.pngRams (x20,000)
9 Bounty Token Icon.pngPremium Bounty Tokens (x10)
10 Ragnar's Jehylm Icon.pngRagnar's Jehylm