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"Ramsgate has made first contact with the Frostwardens of Skaldeskar, protectors of a wintery realm isolated from the rest of the Shattered Isles for centuries. Gregario Flynt has wasted little time adapting their distinctive Frostwarden gear for the latest Hunt Pass."

Cold Front was a Hunt Pass in Dauntless that ran from Dec 3, 2020 to Feb 4, 2021. Five event passes also occurred during this hunt pass season.

Picture showcasing the armour skins obtainable from the Cold Front Hunt Pass.

Picture showcasing the armour skins obtainable from the Cold Front Hunt Pass.

Cold Front Rewards[]

Cold Front
Level Free

Hunt Pass Basic Icon 001.png


Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001.png

1 Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x25) Warden Scout's Jehylm Icon.pngWarden Scout's Jehylm
Warden Scout's Bryjind Icon.pngWarden Scout's Bryjind
Warden Scout's Hanskyrs Icon.pngWarden Scout's Hanskyrs
Warden Scout's Geravyrs Icon.pngWarden Scout's Geravyrs
2 Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50)
3 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
4 Frostwarden Sverd Icon.pngFrostwarden Sverd
5 Chill Out Icon.pngChill Out Gone Fishing Icon.pngGone Fishing
6 Winter White Icon.pngWinter White
7 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
8 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
9 Warden's Hjorn Icon.pngWarden's Hjorn
10 Skaldeskar Rune (Sigil) Icon.pngSkaldeskar Rune (Sigil) Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
11 Arctic Dye Icon.pngArctic
12 Silver Family Banner Icon.pngSilver Family Banner
13 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
14 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
15 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3) Frostwarden Hamar Icon.pngFrostwarden Hamar
16 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
17 Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits (x75)
18 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
19 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
20 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Frostwarden Spyr Icon.pngFrostwarden Spyr
21 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
22 Shiverer Icon.pngShiverer
23 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
24 Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips (x50)
25 Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50) Frostwarden Klaw Icon.pngFrostwarden Klaw
26 Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits (x75)
27 Warden's Oath Icon.pngWarden's Oath
28 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
29 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (x3)
30 Skaldeskar Rune (Flare) Icon.pngSkaldeskar Rune (Flare) Frostwarden Karvar Icon.pngFrostwarden Karvar
31 Feel the Heat Icon.pngFeel the Heat
32 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
33 Linnea Silver "Charm" Icon.pngLinnea Silver "Charm" Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
34 Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits (x75)
35 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Frostwarden Sundyr Icon.pngFrostwarden Sundyr
36 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
37 Winter Chill Icon.pngWinter Chill
38 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
39 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
40 First Warden's Bryjind Icon.pngRumour: First Warden's Bryjind Frostwarden Skjota Icon.pngFrostwarden Skjota
41 Steel Marks Icon 001.pngSteel Marks (x50)
42 Warden's Duty Icon.pngWarden's Duty
43 Slip and Slide Icon.pngSlip and Slide Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
44 Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys (x3)
45 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Toboggan Ride Icon.pngToboggan Ride
46 Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits (x75)
47 Frost Knot Icon.pngFrost Knot
48 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x75)
49 Platinum Icon 001.pngPlatinum (x50) Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks (x50)
50 First Warden's Jehylm Icon.pngRumour: First Warden's Jehylm
Dauntless Title Icon 001.pngFrostwarden
Warden Defender's Jehylm Icon.pngWarden Defender's Jehylm
Warden Defender's Bryjind Icon.pngWarden Defender's Bryjind
Warden Defender's Hanskyrs Icon.pngWarden Defender's Hanskyrs
Warden Defender's Geravyrs Icon.pngWarden Defender's Geravyrs
+50 Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coin (x1) Vault Coin Icon 001.pngVault Coins (x4)