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Honest Ozz
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Honest Ozz is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate and Conundrum Rocks in Dauntless.

Journal Entry[ | ]

Oswaldo "Honest Ozz” Masipag is an energetic and enthusiastic young trader of rare and interesting items from all over the Shattered Isles. Honest Ozz loves nothing more than sharing—and selling—his amazing finds. He is also an avid student of cultures all over the world and knows that spreading and celebrating diverse cultural events really draws out the enthusiasts who might want to trade for his wonderful goods. And if tinkering with those goods to make them even better helps pay the bills, he's all too happy to do it.

No one really knows where Honest 0zz came from, and he would rather not declare his true age—though he appears to be around 17-20 years old. He himself has told many different versions of his origin story: he was a stowaway on an Ostian freight hauler, or a plucky child who raised himself after a terrible Behemoth attack orphaned him, or maybe the brightest student at St. Avellaine University who is on a research sabbatical that never ends... perhaps all of these stories have a kernel of truth about them, but Honest Ozz isn’t inclined to tell. Whatever his origins, he is on his own, he is able to travel all over the Shattered Isles and live to tell the tale, and he has proven to be a prodigy at tinkering, creating, curating, and trading.

And since he's also learned the best time to do business is when there's a celebratory event going on, Honest Ozz always makes sure he's on hand to join the festivities.