Hellion is the fire version of the Pangar

Attacks Edit

Dig itself in, then jump from the ground and creating patches of lava

Kicks slayers that stay too long behind its legs

jumps up and lands on its side

jumps up and hits the ground with its tail, similar to the Gnasher

stomps, creating an AoE

Charges forward, head down.

When all scales are lit, it becomes a lava-breathing ultimate-form.

scales can be reset by hitting them

Drop Table Edit

Name Break Part
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Undetooth Head
Stagger Arm (x2)
Claw Leg (x2)
Tailplate Tail

Gear Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Hellsaber
  • Hellcrusher
  • Hellblades
  • Hellcutter
  • Hellpike

Armour Edit

  • Hellion Armour
    • Hellcasque
    • Hellplate
    • Hellbracers
    • Hellgreaves