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Granny Strega
Granny Strega
The Tonic Vendor

Granny Strega is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Journal Entry[ | ]

"Granny Strega can cure what ails you, Slayer. Whatever it may be."

Granny Strega is a wandering tonic-maker, purveyor of pylons, and all-around alchemist extraordinaire. A relatively new arrival in Ramsgate but an almost mythic presence in the skyports of the Shattered Isles, her skills and creativity are legendary. And if she does a little controversial research in on the side for her own purposes, who would question such a generous soul?

"The secret ingredient is... actually proprietary. Let's leave at that. "

Some say Strega was a royal alchemist in Andar, banished for poisoning a wicked but untouchable noble. Others claim they saw her teaching alchemy at the Orrery before she was thrown out for delving into forbidden subjects. Most seem to believe Granny Strega may not be telling the truth about everything, and might even be a rank fraud wearing Unseen cult insignia for promotional purposes. But as long as her cures work they aren't complaining.

"it's like my fourth husband always used to say: you can't cook up a good tonic without getting a few alchemical burns! Terrible way to go, though. I’ll always remember him fondly "

Granny Strega herself isn't one to delve into all that, though she's happy to share stories about her personal past that might even be true, especially tales of the many spouses who seem to have met unfortunate ends through no proven fault of Strega's. As for her connection to—or appropriation of—the iconography of the Unseen cult, she usually dodges questions with a sly wink or a change of subject. If she is part of the cult, it could explain her regular supply line of rare and strange alchemical recipes. But it's just as likely the symbols are simple marketing. And that's the alchemy Granny Strega understands best of all.