The Gnasher resembles a huge beaver

Attacks Edit

jumps up and hits the ground with its tail

stomps, creating an AoE

Charges forward, head on the ground.


Salto forward, hitting the ground with its back and Tail

Interrupting Edit

The Gnasher can be Interrupted during its charge where it angrily bites anything in its path. This attack is telegraphed by a short jump, followed by the dash immediately after it touches the ground.

Drop Table Edit

Name Break Part
Gnasher Hide Head
Gnasher Hide Limbs (x4)
Gnasher Hide Tail

Gear Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Gnashsaber
  • Gnashmasher
  • Gnashblades
  • Gnashaxe
  • Gnashpike

Armour Edit

  • Gnasher Armour
    • Gnasher Touque
    • Gnasher Cloak
    • Gnasher Gloves
    • Gnasher Boots