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Frostmarch Background 1
7 - 10
Guaranteed Behemoth
Local Flora
Local Ores
Island Events
Island Event Below Zero IconColdsnap
Island Event Aether Surge IconAether Surge
Island Event High Alert IconHigh Alert

Frostmarch is the 8th island in the Hunting Grounds.

Description[ | ]

The Orrery believes Frostmarch is an undeveloped chunk of pre-Upheaval terrain that was quite literally frozen in time many centuries ago. Recent attempts to resettle the few habitable zones proved unsuccessful, and seem unlikely to continue so long as the island's chilly archonite deposits remain tempting meals for frost Behemoths.

Behemoths[ | ]

Icon Behemoth
Pangar Illustrated Framed Icon Pangar
Dreadfrost Boreus Illustrated Framed Icon Dreadfrost Boreus
Deepfrost Skarn Illustrated Framed Icon Deepfrost Skarn
Deadeye Quillshot Illustrated Framed Icon Deadeye Quillshot
Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Framed Icon Sporestruck Charrogg
Deepfrost Gnasher Illustrated Framed Icon Deepfrost Gnasher

Gatherables[ | ]

Icon Item Spawn Rarity
Skybloom Icon 001 Skybloom Common
Phoenix Opal Icon 001 Phoenix Opal Common
Omnistone Icon 001 Omnistone Uncommon

Island Events[ | ]

Icon Event Description
Island Event Below Zero Icon Coldsnap Frost spitters can chill players with every attack. Avoid their missiles and slay the Behemoths.
Island Event Aether Surge Icon Aether Surge Aether surges are a common occurrence across the Hunting Grounds, attracting powerful Behemoths and other hostile creatures.
Island Event High Alert Icon High Alert Extremely powerful Behemoths pose an even greater threat to the island's ecosystem. Slay it quickly.

Journal Entries[ | ]

Discoveries in this island:

Icon Name Description
Unusual Helm Icon Unusual Helm This helm is unlike most anything you've seen in Ramsgate before, and shows signs of having been worked heavily with frost archonite. It's probably best you left it in the snow where you found it. You can't be entirely certain it doesn't still contain a head.

Gallery[ | ]