Dauntless Wiki


2017 Hunts[]

  • Lasting from Decemeber 19th til January ??
  • Give normal rewards in addition to Silver Stars
Area Name Behemoths Silver Stars
Monstrous Verge Frostfall Eve Gnasher or Shrike 1
Frostfall: Fur & Feathers Gnasher and Shrike 3
Yonder Keys Frostfall Fray Skraev, Moonreaver Shrike, or Ragetail Gnasher 3
Frostfall - Rage & Moon Ragetail Gnasher and Moonreaver Shrike
Uncharted Reaches Frostfall Storm Pursuit Pangar
Frostfall Recon - Starlit Festival (Weekly) Rezakiri 15

2017 Quests[]

  • Legends Of The Frost
    • The Flight of Silver Nikola
    • Reasons for the Season
    • Home for Frostfall
    • Ostfall
      • Objective: Talk to Wils Borman
      • Reward: Aether Wisp
    • Frostfall Delights
      • Objective: Talk to Markus Boehr
      • Reward: Frostfall Crocus Bouquet, Frostfall Recipes and Schematics, The Chill Title
  • Hunts for the Holidays