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Frostfall: Event Quests
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Frostfall is a seasonal event in Dauntless. It is usually celebrated from mid-December till early January, and corresponds to the real-world celebration of Christmas. Ramsgate undergoes a change in its scenery as the cold sets in and the city's denizens celebrate with festive decorations.

Lore[ | ]

The Shattered Isles, like planets or stars, drift slowly through the sky to the edge of the frozen Sky Below. They sink into this lower strata, a cold weather layer, that infuses much of the floating landscape with frost aether and brings snow and ice to the islands.

“With a few notable exceptions like the rogue islands of Krolach, all the Shattered Isles pass through a part of the sky that is infused with frost aether. And for a few weeks, all the Isles - not just the Ram, not the chained isles of Ostia, not merely the Interior. Not Harran or Tiefland alone, no - ALL of the Isles drop in elevation and brush against the cold reaches of the sky below. It’s something like what the ancients called ‘winter,’ I believe, but considerably shorter.”
Gaius Copperwheel, Cartographer

The sudden infusion of frost in the Shattered Isles influences the behavior of Behemoths, making them even more aggressive and deadly. Frost Icon Frost Behemoths find more territory suddenly open for ravaging. Ramsgate's denizens meet this challenge every year with determination and spirit-raising social gatherings.

The various island states throughout the Shattered Isles celebrate Frostfall in their own ways. Ordinary citizens usually stay in their homes, enjoying big meals, exchanging gifts with friends and drinking blaze-kissed seasonal drinks to help keep the cold away. Children everywhere await the arrival of the legendary Frostfall Queen, Silver Nikola, who spreads gifts and cheer from her magical airship to all the people of the Shattered Isles on the coldest night of Frostfall.

The legend of the Frostfall Queen is considered to be a classic Frostfall myth and every island has its own version of this story. While many believe she is simply an old story that predates the founding of Ramsgate by centuries, some believe she is a real historical figure:

“The myth tells us Silver Nikola journeyed to every island state in the Shattered Isles in a single night to spread cheer, gifts, warming beverages, and festive foodstuffs. And parents whisper to their children every Frostfall that they must be brave and kind like Silver Nikola so they might receive her gifts once more on a cold Frostfall night. This myth — dramatic and embellished though it may be — is almost certainly based in fact. I have my suspicions and intriguing evidence that suggests there was nothing magical about Silver Nikola.”
Arkan Drew, Aethersmith

As per legend, Linnea Silver is a direct descendent of the mythical Frostfall Queen. Linnea eventually asks for assistance from the Slayer to help her protect Vylmark and craft Silver Nikola’s Silver Sword, a legendary sword made from pure frozen silver.

Celebration & Activities[ | ]

The annual Frostfall event brings limited-time event quests, several Frostfall-themed Curiosities and cosmetics, the Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins event currency, Snowball Fights island events and the legendary Silver Sword for the duration of the event.

Event Quests

These limited-time Frostfall quests are available at Honest Ozz in Ramsgate during the event. These quests introduce Slayers to the Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins currency, Curiosities and cosmetics in Honest Ozz's event store, Snowball Fights island events and the beginning of the Silver Sword questline. Slayers are granted Rams Icon 001Rams, Weapon Skill Experience Icon Weapon Skill XP and Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins upon completing each of these quests.

The Silver Sword

Linnea Silver needs to find the Silver Sword, the legendary sword of Silver Nikola made from frozen silver. The questline requires the Slayer to assist the Lady of Vylmark in finding the sword's components and finally unlock the Silver Sword's true potential.

The questline has certain pre-requisites: the top-most Slayer's Path node, Reforge, must be unlocked and the Hypothermica Icon Hypothermica sword, made from Urska reagents, must be crafted by the Slayer. After fulfilling these conditions, the questline can be started by speaking to Linnea Silver.

The Silver Sword can be crafted and upgraded only when the questline is available, but the quest progress is saved. If a Slayer is unable to complete all the quests within the time limit, they can resume the questline when it is made available again in the future. On completing the final quest, Slayers are rewarded with the fully upgraded Frostwarden Sverd Icon Legendary Silver Sword, the Frostfall Crown (Head Accessory) Icon Frostfall Crown and The Silver Sword (Title).

Island Events

Slayers can participate in the time-limited Snowball Fight and Snowforts island events on the Coldrunner Key and The Snowblind Waste islands during Frostfall. Participating Slayers are rewarded with Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins when the island event ends.

Frostfall Snowforts

In the Snowball Fight island event, Slayers can interact with the flag to start or join a snowball fight. Interacting with the stack of snowballs on the ground allows a Slayer to pick and throw them on other Slayers. Hitting any other Slayer successfully grants 1 point and the Slayer with the maximum points wins this island event. The Freeze feature, where a Slayer freezes in place on getting hit by a snowball, was removed from this event since Frostfall 2023.

In the Snowforts island event, Slayers can interact with one of the two team flags to join either Team Pangar (blue) or Team Hellion (red). Once a team is joined, Slayers must destroy the opposite team's snowfort by throwing snowballs on its individual ice slabs/bricks. Destroying each slab/brick or hitting an opponent team member grants 1 point to your team. The team which completely destroys a snowfort first (or has the most points when the timer ends) wins this island event.

Farslayer Gifts

Slayers can find several gifts placed across the Hunting Grounds at various locations on each island. Collecting these gifts grants Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins to the Slayer, at the rate of Frostfall Coin Icon10 per gift. Reloading an island instance will repopulate it with gifts, but their locations may vary. These surprise gifts are said to be dropped off by the Farslayers returning to Ramsgate from the farthest reaches of the Shattered Isles.

Cosmetics & Curiosities[ | ]

Event Currency

Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins, being the event currency, can only be earned and spent during Frostfall. Completing the Event Quests from Honest Ozz, participating in the Snowball Fights island events and collecting the Farslayer gifts scattered across the islands will reward the Slayers with Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins. They can also be earned by breaking a part of Behemoths on Frostmarch, Coldrunner Key, The Snowblind Waste or Vylmark; 1 drop per Behemoth with more coins dropped on higher-level snowy islands.

Honest Ozz's Store

Frostfall Weapon Skins

Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins can be redeemed at Honest Ozz's event store for cosmetics, including a full set of Frostfall weapon skins, and various Curiosities. Slayers can also spend Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins for bundles of Rams Icon 001Rams, Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys, Combat Merits IconCombat Merits, Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens, Aethersparks IconAethersparks or Trials Tonic Pack Icon Tonics.

Gift parties by Slayers are a common occurrence in Ramsgate during Frostfall. Several Slayers plan and co-ordinate in an attempt to spawn in the same Ramsgate instance, where they share Frostfall Gift curiosities in bulk. Opening these Gifts can grant Rams Icon 001Rams, Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens and Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys.

The Dauntless Store

The Event tab of the in-game Store also features a few Frostfall-themed items on sale for the duration of the event. These items include the Frostfall Starter Kit which contains the Winter's Bite Icon Winter's Bite lantern skin + 300 Frostfall Coin Icon Frostfall Coins, Nikola's Hood Icon Silver Nikola (Armour Skin) bundle, Winter Cap Icon Winter Cap lantern skin, Frostfall Bells Icon Frostfall Bells helmet transmog, Bells of Winter Icon Bells of Winter helmet transmog and the Stay Frosty Icon Stay Frosty arrival emote.

Holiday Calendar Offers

Every day from 1 December 2023 to 24 December 2023, new offers featuring rare, heavily discounted and even free items were available in the in-game Store.

•   List of Offers  
Day Offer Price Included Items
Dec 1 Warlord's Winter Wool Platinum Icon 001 500 Warlord's Winter Wool Icon Warlord's Winter Wool (Armour Transmog)
Dec 2 Free Platinum Free Platinum Icon 001Platinum ×100
Dec 3 Enduring Force Style Kit Platinum Icon 001 1100
Dec 4 Rare Flares Pack Platinum Icon 001 500 425
Dec 5 Slayers Boost Pack (30 Days) Platinum Icon 001 1000 500 30-day Slayer's Club membership:
  • +100% rewards from challenges
  • +25% charged aether from Escalations
  • +20% Weapon Skill Experience
Dec 6 Free Patrol Keys Free Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys ×10
Dec 7 Mega Dye Palette Platinum Icon 001 1980 990
Dec 8 Free Bounty Tokens Free Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens ×10
Dec 9 Forbidden Visions Bundle Platinum Icon 001 2500 2000
Dec 10 Mega Supply Kit Platinum Icon 001 300 150
  • Inspiring Pylon Icon 001 Inspiring Pylon ×10
  • Ironhide Pylon Icon 001 Ironhide Pylon ×10
  • Lifespring Pylon Icon 001 Lifespring Pylon ×10
  • Assault Tonic Icon 001 Assault Tonic ×25
  • Frenzy Tonic Icon 001 Frenzy Tonic ×25
  • Blitz Tonic Icon 001 Blitz Tonic ×15
  • Lifedrain Tonic Icon 001 Lifedrain Tonic ×15
  • Concussive Grenade Icon 001 Concussive Grenade ×15
  • Transfusion Grenade Icon 001 Transfusion Grenade ×15
Dec 11 Archonite Weapons Bundle
(Weapons Transmog Set)
Platinum Icon 001 3000 1200
Dec 12 Treasure-Hunter Glider Platinum Icon 001 500 Treasure-Hunter Icon Treasure-Hunter (Glider)
Dec 13 Loadout Slots Platinum Icon 001 300 150 Loadout Slots ×3
Dec 14 Frostfall Gifts (Green) Free Frostfall Gifts ×3 (Curiosity)
Dec 15 Frostfall Snow Heraldry Kit Platinum Icon 001 350
Dec 16 Silver Nikola Armour Bundle Platinum Icon 001 1500 1000 Nikola's Hood Icon Silver Nikola (Armour Skin) Full Set
Dec 17 Slayers Boost Pack (7 Days) Platinum Icon 001 500 250 7-day Slayer's Club membership:
  • +100% rewards from challenges
  • +25% charged aether from Escalations
  • +20% Weapon Skill Experience
Dec 18 Guiding Light Lantern Skin Platinum Icon 001 500 250 Guiding Light Icon Guiding Light (Lantern Skin)
Dec 19 Aetherpunk Weapons Kit Platinum Icon 001 4900 3430 /
Platinum Icon 001 700 per skin
Aetherpunk Weapons Full Kit
Dec 20 Glider Variety Pack Platinum Icon 001 1500 1000
Dec 21 Emote Collection Platinum Icon 001 1850 925
Dec 22 Free Aetherheart Free Aetherhearts IconAetherheart ×1
Dec 23 Auroranaut Mega Bundle Platinum Icon 001 1500 1200
Dec 24 Twin Suns Platinum Icon 001 1600 1120 Twin Suns Icon Twin Suns

From December 25, the offers of Day 2 (Free Platinum), Day 3 (Enduring Force Style Kit), Day 7 (Mega Dye Palette), Day 13 (Loadout Slots), Day 17 (7-day Slayers Boost) and Day 24 (Twin Suns) were brought back for purchase till the end of the Holiday Calendar event on December 31, 2023.

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