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Flameborn Rezakiri
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Flameborn Rezakiri is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Rezakiri.

Journal Entry[]

"Not just death-beams, but burning death beams? It's only because of old Arkan's ingenuity that our sails don't ignite every time the captain flies one of those things. Well, maybe a little fancy piloting too."

-Bosun Markus Boehr

According to ancient texts preserved within the Orrery's sacred library, the fusion of blaze and radiant aether was one that Pre-Upheaval scientists apparently thought impossible. But within the living crucible that is the Flameborn Rezakiri, the unpredictable destructive power of Torgadoro and the vagaries of aetheric resonance have succeeded where those long dead aetheric geneticists failed.

The Flameborn subspecies of every Slayer's radiant nightmare wields blaze with ease. Attacks and instincts honed by centuries of immersion in razor-edged, radiant space-time now linger and spread like a living thing. Its winged, insectoid form has proven quite well-suited for its fiery new purpose.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

- The Flameborn Rezakiri steals a few tricks from the Embermane, sending balls of blaze as well as burning beams of desctruction raining down on unready Slayers. Protection from blaze is more important than ever when facing this agile, fiery flyer.

- Like the Flameborn Gnasher, this blaze-feeding Rezakiri subspecies is even more agile and aggressive than its more well-known cousin, particularly with claw and tail attacks. Don't spend so much focus on its blaze powers that you ignore its lethal physical abilities.

Drop Table[]

Icon Name Break Part
Rezakiri Chitin Icon 001.png Rezakiri Chitin Slay
Luminescent Chitin Icon 001.png Luminescent Chitin
Cataclysm Shard Icon 001.png Cataclysm Shard
Cracked Biocrystal Icon 001.png Cracked Biocrystal

Obsidian Biocrystal


Head while Aethercharged (A Vision of Fire V)

Exoskeletal Plate Icon 001.png Exoskeletal Plate Limbs/Leg (x4)
Lustrous Tailplate Icon 001.png Lustrous Tailplate Tail
Radiant Aethergem Icon 001.png Radiant Aethergem Tailgem


This Behemoth has no modifiers.


Flameborn Rezakiris can be found on the following Islands and in Blaze Escalation.

Icon Island Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon Radiant.png
The Paradox Breaks
16 - 19
Lightbound Koshai Illustrated Full Icon.png Lightbound Koshai Lightbound Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Lightbound Koshai Flameborn Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Flameborn Rezakiri Phaelanx Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Phaelanx Rockfall Skarn Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rockfall Skarn (Heroic) Valomyr Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Valomyr (Heroic) Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rezakiri

Attack Patterns[]

Coming Soon™