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The Fauna are a group of smaller creatures that are different from Behemoths.

Summary[ | ]

Fauna is a small group of critters that are not classified as behemoths. They are small and more of an obstacle than a target. There are currently 3 types of Fauna. Neutral and Aggressive will spawn in the Hunting Grounds and can be attacked and killed. When a group of fauna spawn and are cleared they will respawn on an approximately one minute timer.

  • Passive
  • Neutral
  • Aggressive

Passive[ | ]

These creatures are the docile fauna that live on The Shattered Isles. These creatures would rather run away than engage slayers. Though some wild tortoises are found on some islands, most of these friendly fauna are seen roaming Ramsgate.

Neutral[ | ]

These creatures will not attack you directly but might alter the environment to deal damage if you go near them.

Aggressive[ | ]

These creatures will attack you without hesitation. So watch your back! (Fauna summoned by Boreus are also referred to as Minions.)