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Exotics are weapons and armour that are unique in their functions and abilities. Unlike regular weapons and armour, they do not carry a built-in perk. They were made obtainable again as of update 1.6.5. They are unlocked by finding lore nodes hidden in the isles.

Exotic Weapons[]

Icon Name Power Element Perk Cell Slots Unique Effect
Molten Edict Icon.png Molten Edict 40 Blaze Icon.png Blaze +1 Brutality Perk Icon.png Berserker Brutality Cell Brutality
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Replaces all hammer blasts with unique fireball abilities that deal blaze damage
Twin Suns Icon.png Twin Suns 100 Neutral Icon.png Neutral +2 Alacrity Perk Icon.png Evasive Fury Technique
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
The Twin Suns Barrel: While Empowered, gain +40% critical strike chance instead of bonus damage.

The Twin Suns Chamber: Load 8 Mag Bombs into your magazine. They attach to enemies and are detonated on Reload. The first Mag Bomb attached to each Behemoth part deals +300 damage.

The Twin Suns Grip: Dash in a direction, becoming invulnerable for the duration. After dodging through an attack, fire 6 mini-shots that always crit. While in Mag Bomb mode, fires 2 Mag Bombs instead.

The Twin Suns Prism: After a critical strike, reduce the cooldown of Mag Bomb mode by 3 seconds.

The Hunger Icon.png The Hunger 80 Umbral Icon.png Umbral +2 Brutality Perk Icon.png Ragehunter Power
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Activate to enter Feast, gaining the effects of Valiant Overdrive while also gaining increased damage and lifesteal. Damages the user while active. Reactiving to dash also grants brief invulnerability.
The Godhand Icon.png The Godhand 80 Radiant Icon.png Radiant +2 Finesse Perk Icon.png Savagery Technique
Prismatic Cell Prismatic
Channel a beam that deals increasing damage, up to 200%, the longer it is channeled

Exotic Armour[]

Icon Name Resistance Element Perk Cell Slot Unique Effect
The Skullforge Icon 001.png The Skullforge 10 Blaze Icon.png Blaze +1 Insight Perk Icon.png Molten Defence 1.5% of all damage dealt becomes a stamina shield (max 50) that depletes first when spending stamina. Depletes slowly after 5 seconds not dealing damage.
Prismatic Grace Icon 001.png Prismatic Grace 20 Radiant Icon.png Radiant +2 Insight Perk Icon.png Medic Technique After reviving another player, grant them a Radiant Prism that blocks incoming damage for 5 seconds. The first time you take lethal damage, gain a Radiant Prism that blocks incoming damage for 10 seconds. While active, reviving another player fully restores both players but removes the Prism even at full danger.
Tragic Echo Icon 001.png Tragic Echo 20 Umbral Icon.png Umbral +2 Brutality Perk Icon.png Rage Power Upon your first death, become a shadow clone that deals 100% increased damage for 15 seconds.