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Escalation is a mode where Slayers hunt multiple Behemoths back-to-back without the ability to refresh supplies or change gear. In Escalation 10-50, if the Slayers complete all four rounds of Escalation and have an Escalation Level of 40 or higher, they will face off against the Escalation boss, a unique and powerful Behemoth.

The Escalation archipelago is composed of multiple islands. Slayers with a gear score of 350+ can queue for Escalation 1-13 after completing the "Things Have Escalated" quest. For Escalation 10-50 hunts, Slayers need to complete the "King of the Hill" quest and have a gear score of 450+.

Lantern Attunement Device[]


The Lantern Attunement Device (or L.A.D. for short) is the progression system within the Escalation game mode. Slayers can collect charged aether in Escalations from slaying Behemoths and sometimes from breaking parts. Gathering charged aether will increase that respective Escalation talent level, which will unlock talent points and increase the lantern power bonus. Each level will award you with 1 talent point, which can be spent at the L.A.D. to upgrade amps, unlock new amps, and unlock permanent rewards. Each level you gain also grants you a permanent +2 bonus to power and resilience that apply to that specific Escalation.

When you clear a round of Behemoths in an Escalation, you will gain Escalation Levels. The lower the danger meter, the more Escalation Levels increase. An Escalation level of 40 or higher is required to challenge the keystone Behemoth.


Slaying Behemoths in Escalation hunts will grant Escalation XP for that Escalation type (Shock, Blaze, etc.). The XP gained per round for each Escalation round is shown in the table below.

Mode 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1-13 55 75 95 397 622
10-50 250 310 370 430 675 2035

Additionally, part breaks will occasionally reward Escalation XP instead of the normal Behemoth part. Part breaks at Escalation Level 9 or below can give 5 XP, and part breaks at Escalation Level 10 or higher can give 10 XP.

The XP needed to reach each level is shown in the table below.

Level XP Needed Total XP Needed
1 500 500
2 600 1,100
3 700 1,800
4 800 2,600
5 900 3,500
6 1,000 4,500
7 1,200 5,700
8 1,500 7,200
9 1,800 9,000
10 2,500 11,500
11 3,000 14,500
12 3,500 18,000
13 4,000 22,000
14 4,500 26,500
15 5,000 31,500
16 5,500 37,000
17 6,000 43,000
18 6,500 49,500
19 7,000 56,500
20 7,500 64,000
21 8,000 72,000
22 8,500 80,500
23 9,000 89,500
24 9,500 99,000
25 10,000 109,000

Shock Escalation[]

Main article: Shock Escalation

Malkarion is the Escalation Boss for Shock Icon.png Shock Escalation.

"Slayers who prove their worth in Shock Escalation will earn the right to take on a Malkarion —a quick-striking, aerial menace with the power of lightning at its call. With the ability to hover just out of range, this sky serpent will have you reaching deep to overcome its shock assaults."

The Malkarion weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Teleport to a Behemoth, dealing Shock Icon.png Shock damage. Usable once, but resets on Behemoth kill.

Blaze Escalation[]

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Torgadoro is the Escalation Boss for Blaze Icon.png Blaze Escalation.

"Have you ever fought a volcano, Slayer? Because taking on a Torgadoro isn't far off. Even if you make it through their thick rock armour, there's still the matter of the lava underneath. And watch out for those hands; Torgadoros have been known to get a bit … grabby."

The Torgadoro weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Enter a rage, gaining new attacks for 15 seconds. Deals +25% damage when the target is below 50% health. Usable once, but resets on Behemoth kill.

Umbral Escalation[]

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Thrax is the Escalation Boss for Umbral Icon.png Umbral Escalation.

"How far do the Umbral Deeps go? It's hard to say. But if you ever find yourself at the edge of a dark and shimmering pool — be alert. This is where Thraxes are known to feed. These cunning Behemoths use portals to hunt, striking through rifts with razor-sharp forelimbs and emerging from void-space to dive onto prey. Luring one into the open may be your best bet, but even this plan demands caution. Untreated, a Thrax's corrupting influence can leave a Slayer so drained that they can barely lift a finger — much less a weapon."

The Thrax weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Activating your Thrax weapon's legendary ability will deal Umbral Icon.png Umbral damage to surrounding enemies, then teleport you into the sky. Target a landing spot and slam back to earth to dish out even more Umbral Icon.png Umbral damage.

Terra Escalation[]

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Agarus is the Escalation Boss for Terra Icon.png Terra Escalation.

"Rot has pervaded the Arbourhome Blight, turning a once-verdant Farslayer refuge into a place of pestilence and poison. But there may yet be a way to cleanse it. Battle your way to the heart of the forest and root out the source of the infection: the fungal Behemoth boss, Agarus."

The Agarus weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

Legendary Ability: Revive all Slayers in a large radius, granting them healing over time and immunity to stagger. Usable while downed.

Frost Escalation[]

Main article: Frost Escalation

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Urska is the Escalation Boss for Frost Icon.png Frost Escalation.

The Urska weapons use a Bond instead of a Unique Effect and have a Legendary ability.

"The permafrost has begun to melt, revealing fragments of an ancient past ... and awakening something deep in the ice. Battle through Skaldeskar's frostbitten lands with the aid of its warrior queen, Linnea Silver, and seek out the Adversary of Vylmark: the bloodthirsty Urska."

Legendary Ability: Create a Frost Shield that blocks hostile projectiles for 6 seconds. Damages and chills Behemoths that contact it (can interrupt). Resets on Behemoth kill or after 3.5 minutes.


Escalation is good for completing a lot of your Bounties on the Hunt Pass, especially the 'Hunt x amount of Behemoths' or 'Deal x amount of stagger/wound/part damage', so keep an eye out for the chance to take out multiple Bounties in one Hunt!

Escalations are also good for grinding mastery, as they provide multiple fights without loading screens and some amps may make completing mastery objectives easier.