Embermane's Rapture

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Embermane's Rapture
Embermane's Rapture Icon 001.png

Embermane's Rapture is a lantern in Dauntless. It is crafted from Embermane reagents.

Details[edit | edit source]

Instant Ability Hold Ability Cell Slots
Attack 25% faster for 8 seconds. Create a fire ball in front of you that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 850 blaze damage to all nearby Behemoths. Utility Cell Utility Cell

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Material Amount
Rams Icon 001.pngRams x400
Emberhorn Icon 001.pngEmberhorn x1
Burning Tailspike Icon 001.pngBurning Tailspike x1
Embermane Hide Icon 001.pngEmbermane Hide x5
Smoked Dewclaw Icon 001.pngSmoked Dewclaw x2