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In the world of Dauntless, aether exists in different forms and frequencies. The aetheric spectrum consists of opposing pairs of elements which have their own strengths and weaknesses. This excludes Neutral Icon Neutral, the raw aetheric power devoid of any element.

Elemental weapons wielded by Slayers can deal elemental damage, besides physical damage, and inflict status effects on behemoths after reaching a damage threshold. Similarly, some attacks from elemental behemoths can inflict temporary de-buffs on Slayers if they fail to evade them. Slayers can upgrade their elemental resistance in the Slayer's Path Milestone VII: Elemental Mastery, in addition to wearing armour that provides an elemental advantage, for improving defense.

Aetheric Elements Tutorial 1

Elemental Strength & Weakness

Aetheric Elements Tutorial 2

Elemental Advantage: Armour

Aetheric Elements Tutorial 3

Elemental Advantage: Weapon

Note[ | ]

  • Radiant and Umbral weapons do not inflict any elemental status effects on behemoths as of yet.
  • While the in-game tutorial info recommends Slayers to consider elemental resistance for selecting armour, there is a broad consensus in the Dauntless community that elemental resistance is insignificant and, therefore, can be disregarded.
  • Armour is always selected based on its innate perk and cell slot, regardless of the armour's element, for optimising high-DPS builds.