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Elder Behemoths are future variations of existing Behemoths that have fallen backwards through time. They have gathered fragments of ships together into powerful explosive shields that shift around them, protecting various parts with the potential to explode if hit by an unprepared Slayer.


Elder Behemoths are surrounded by a number of shields that will move with the Behemoth and aim to protect specific parts. Once hit a shield will become primed emitting sparks. If a primed shield is hit then it will explode, staggering and damaging all Slayers in an area of effect around it. The shield will then go on cooldown with each shield having its own independent cooldown, this is 10 seconds at base. Given the shields can be primed and detonated by any damage the use of area of effect abilities such as the Pangar's Shine hold ability, or Titan's Crash should be done carefully. The damage taken from the shields, the ability to force damage through an already detonated shield to the Behemoth, and extended cooldowns for detonated shields can all be accessed from nodes under the Path of the Elder Slayer in the Future Factional Path.


All Behemoths spawning on the Paradox Breaks outside of the Chronovore's Temporal Anomaly event are either Primal or Elder. Additionally, Elder Behemoths can appear in Heroic Escalations in rounds with the Elder Shields modifier.