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Markus Boehr
Arkan Drew
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Aethersmith Arkan Drew would like to speak to you

Objectives[ | ]

  • Speak with Arkan Drew

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Markus Boehr: "Arkan Drew-the aethersmith-has been asking after you, skip. Aethersmiths make all kinds of contraptions and gizmos, but lanterns are generally their bread and butter. Arkan even cooks his lanterns up with Behemoth parts, like your more traditional smiths use."

Markus Boehr: "He's also got connections at the Orrery back in St. Avellaine. A bunch of eggheads and bookworms, but they also know more about everything than anyone else. I'd wager he wants to help you see lanterns in a new...light?"

(Complete objectives)

Arkan Drew: "Slayer, welcome to my workshop! It's not very homey but it sutis me. As you can see, I dont just create aether lanterns. I've also spent considerable effort perfecting the Lantern Attunement Device, or L.A.D., here.'"

Arkan Drew: "The L.A.D. is the machine that truly expands the potential of a Slayer's lantern especially if they set sail for the Maelstorm to-but I digress. there will be time to talk all about that later, when you've got a few more hunts under your belt!

(Quest complete)