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Icon omnicell discipline
Icon omnicell ability discipline

Discipline is one of the Omnicells in Dauntless.

Details[ | ]

Passive: Critical strike chance and damage increased by 8%. Healing is reduced by 50%. Reaching max stacks of Flaming Fist makes you Disciplined, increasing your critical strike chance by 50% for 40 seconds while also increasing damage received by 100%. When Disciplined ends, stacks are cleared.

Active: Perform a quick parrying punch that deals 200 blaze damage. Parrying an attack does +300% damage and grants a stack of Flaming Fist, giving +4% critical strike damage. This can stack 4 times. 17 second cooldown.

Obtainable From[ | ]

Discipline is purchased from The Lucky Break for 500 Steel Marks Icon 001 Steel Marks

Crafting[ | ]

Icon Name Obtained from
Quillshard Icon 001(x2) Flameborn Quillshard A common drop from the Quills of a Flameborn Quillshot
Gnasher Shinplate Icon 001(x5) Flameborn Shinplate A Common drop from the Leg of a Flameborn Gnasher
Phoenix Opal Icon 001(x15) Phoenix Opal An ingredient in many potions and aetheric devices.
Scorched Rockhide Icon 001(x4) Scorched Rockhide A common drop from the Leg of any Charrogg
Smoldering Bloodhide Icon 001(x1) Smoldering Bloodhide A rare drop from slaying a Bloodfire Embermane
Rams Icon 001(x1.5k) Rams The common currency of the Shattered Isles.