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Dire Warnings
Katerin Sorrel
Katerin Sorrel
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Kat Sorrel wants you to take down powerful Dire Behemoths and develop new weapons with Wils Bormen.

Journal[ | ]

The continued aetheric chaos at the heart of the Maelstrom has unleashed Dire Behemoths—older, bigger, and deadlier forms of beasts with which you're already familiar. Your mentor Kat Sorrel has entrusted you with bringing them down. She also wants you to work with Wils Bormen to develop some weapons that will be more effective against Behemoths that feed on radiant and umbral aether. The Ostian can fill you in on the details.

Objectives[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

  • Rams Icon 001Rams (x500)
  • Gold Slayer Core (x1)
  • Hunt Pass XP (x100)

Unlocks upon Accepting[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Katerin Sorrel: "Behemoths never seem to stop growing in the heart of the Maelstrom. That's how you get Dire Behemoths. Rockfalls. Firebrands. Moonreavers. And the blasted Ragetails. Your new targets."

Katerin Sorrel: "I also want you to work with Wils Bormen on a little side project to do with umbral and radiant aether. That Ostian's got some pretty intriguing schematics cooking."

(Complete objectives)

Katerin Sorrel: "It's clear now that the only way we're going to keep the Maelstrom at bay is to strike at its heart. And I mean that literally."

Katerin Sorrel: "Can we eliminate the strongest Behemoths for good? Not anytime soon. But we can contain them while we work on that problem. Expect to be at the forefront of that heroic effort."

(Quest complete)