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Deepfrost Skarn
Island(s) Located

Deepfrost Skarn is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Skarn.

Journal Entry[]

"Old Arkan says if it gets cold enough, a block of ice is as solid as any rock. The Isgryth must be Skaldeskar's way of proving it."

- Kat Sorrel

The Deepfrost Skarn, like other varieties of the species, has become as one with its island - both the living earth on which the Skarn usually feeds, and the charged frost aether that infuses it all. The Skaldish call them the Isgryth, a word derived from their words for "ice" and "stone".

Imbued by the ancient and ambient power of the Urska, the icy realm of the Skaldish Queen has transformed the ordinary "Rock Lizard" into something truly chilling.

Although the subspecies was only discovered with the Frostwardens' domain less than a century ago, more recent reports throughout the frontier indicate the Deepfrost Skarn may also be thriving well outside the Skaldeskar archipelago. It's potential impact on the rest of The Shattered Isles is still not entirely clear, but Kat and Dr. Priyani are both closely monitoring the situation.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

- Like the ordinary variety, the Deepfrost Skarn can launch deadly attacks from beneath a Slayer's feet. These ice spires explode when the Behemoth becomes aether-charged.

- Though they are made of incredibly dense frost archonite, Slayers can destroy the Deepfrost skarn's ice spires (with some effort) to prevent the explosions.

- Whether you destroy the spires intentionally or they detonate due to aetheric instability, the Deepfrost Skarn may use the resulting burst of frost to restore its own cold, rocky body armour.

Drop Table[]

Icon Name Obtained From
Rockscale Icon 001.png Rockscale Slay
Adamantine Scale Icon 001.png Adamantine Scale
Stoneheart Shard Icon 001.png Stoneheart Shard
Browscale Icon 001.png Browscale Break Head
Stony Hide Icon 001.png Deepfrost Stonehide Break Limb
Stone Fragments Icon 001.png Stone Fragments Break Armor


This Behemoth has no modifiers.


Deepfrost Skarns can be found on the following Islands and in Frost Escalation.

Icon Island Stars Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002.png
7 - 10
Pangar Illustrated Full Icon.png Pangar Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Pangar Dreadfrost Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Dreadfrost Boreus Deepfrost Skarn Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Skarn Deadeye Quillshot Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deadeye Quillshot Sporestruck Charrogg Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sporestruck Charrogg Deepfrost Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Gnasher
Island Icon 006.png
Cape Fury
14 - 17
Stormclaw Illustrated Full Icon.png Stormclaw Stormclaw Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Stormclaw Sahvyt Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sahvyt Shadowtouched Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Shadowtouched Koshai Dreadfrost Boreus Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Dreadfrost Boreus (Heroic) Deepfrost Skarn Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Skarn Thunderdeep Drask Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Thunderdeep Drask

Attack Patterns[]

Coming Soon™