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Deepfrost Embermane
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Deepfrost Embermane is one of the Behemoths in Dauntless. It is a variant of Embermane.

Journal Entry[]

"Turns out fire and ice do mix. Well that's a hell of a note."

- Granny Strega

Orrery rules and her own rigorous research led Dr. Priyani to designate this behemoth as a variety of Embermane, but even Ramsgate prefer the Skaldish name for this extreme evolution of the species: Frostwülf.

Like the Urska, the Frostwǘlf is believed to have been evolving for hundreds of years on Skaldeskar (much like the Skaldish themselves), which has led to a physiognomy that is difficult to discern as an Embermane-at least at first sight. But Dr. Priyani confirmed that the behemoth's genetic profile is indeed more than 96% pure Embermane. She attributes the rather drastic phenotypical differences to the original baseline species vulnerability to frost even more than rapid aetheric evolution.

Kat's Hunting Tips:

-The Deepfrost Embermane, unlike many Behemoth species, actually appears to coordinate with smaller specimen of its own kind. Dr. Priyani has not yet been able to determine whether these creatures are fauna that have been mutated beyond recognition by charged frost aether, some kind of aetheric clones of the Frostwǘlf, or an actual coordinated social unit- in essence, a wolf pack- compromised of young and old individuals.

-They prefer to hunt anything steeped in living frost aether- including the Skaldelish- but also seem to actually enjoy hunting anything else they encounter for the fun of it.

-With cold, icy claws harder than any diamond, the Deepfrost Embermane can tear into the frozen islands beneath its feet to release pent-up frost aether from the island's core. This energy emerges as frost geysers that can knock Slayers over and even leave them chilled.

Drop Table[]

Name Obtained From
Embermane Hide Icon 001.png Embermane Hide Slay
Smoldering Bloodhide Icon 001.png Smoldering Bloodhide
Bloodsoul Shard Icon 001.png Bloodsoul Shard
Emberhorn Icon 001.png Emberhorn Break Horn
Savage Hooktooth Icon 001.png Savage Hooktooth Break Head
Smoked Dewclaw Icon 001.png Smoked Dewclaw Break Leg
Burning Tailspike Icon 001.png Burning Tailspike Sever Tail


This Behemoth has no modifiers.


Deepfrost Embermanes can be found on the following Islands and in Frost Escalation.

Icon Island Stars Level Guaranteed Behemoth Available Behemoths
Island Icon 002.png
Coldrunner Key ⭐⭐⭐
11 - 14
Skraev Illustrated Full Icon.png Skraev Skraev Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Skraev Valomyr Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Valomyr Shockjaw Nayzaga Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Shockjaw Nayzaga Ragetail Gnasher Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Ragetail Gnasher (Heroic) Frostback Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostback Pangar Deepfrost Embermane Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Embermane
Island Icon 005.png
Razorcliff Isle ⭐⭐⭐⭐
16 - 19
Rezakiri Illustrated Full Icon.png Rezakiri Rezakiri Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Rezakiri Frostback Pangar Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Frostback Pangar (Heroic) Koshai Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Koshai (Heroic) Winterhorn Skraev Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Winterhorn Skraev (Heroic) Sporestruck Embermane Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Sporestruck Embermane Deepfrost Embermane Illustrated Trimmed Icon.png Deepfrost Embermane

Attack Patterns[]

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