Dauntless Wiki

The Dauntless Wiki is an official wiki, run by players and managed by Phoenix Labs developers.

  1. Anything that is against the Phoenix Labs TOS is not allowed on the wiki.
  2. Vandalism, spam, and disruptive editing are prohibited.
  3. The format of the wiki is managed by the administrator staff and Phoenix Labs developers. As this wiki reflects their product, Phoenix Labs has the authority to change the wiki in any way they deem necessary. Unapproved format changes may be reverted or altered at their discretion.
  4. This wiki uses Canadian English, as it is the main language used in Dauntless. Do not change text to their American equivalents.
  5. Data and/or files obtained through data mining, hacking, reverse engineering, or anything of that sort is forbidden on the wiki. It is disrespectful towards the dev team and will not be tolerated.
  6. Only official videos and videos from the Dauntless Partner Program are to be used on the wiki.

Any user found in violation of this policy will incur a minimum ban of two weeks, with the maximum penalty of being permanently banned from the wiki. Any and all information pertaining to said bans will be immediately provided to Phoenix Labs and may result in being banned from Dauntless.