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About Dauntless

Dauntless is a co-op, action RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. The game initially launched in beta in May 2018 for Microsoft Windows. The game launched on May 21, 2019 for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, including full support for cross-platform play. A Nintendo Switch version was released on December 10, 2019.

Dauntless is a fresh take on the Action-RPG genre, developed by the industry veterans from Riot Games, BioWare and other acclaimed studios. After a cataclysmic event mankind survives in a harsh, yet majestic world of floating islands. Ferocious beasts known as Behemoths now stalk the earth. You are a Slayer, an elite warrior who risks life and limb hunting the Behemoth threat. On your journey, you’ll forge an extraordinary arsenal of weapons and gear to overcome formidable challenges threatening our survival.

Defy Extinction: Hone your skills and overcome ferocious Behemoths alone or with a group of up to four Slayers in gripping and fast paced battles for survival.

Master the Hunt: Each Behemoth is unique and presents its own set of challenges. It’ll take the right combination of skill, gear, and tactics to survive in the Shattered Isles.

Craft Your Legacy: Collect rewards from the hunt to forge and upgrade a massive arsenal of weapons and armor in a deep and robust crafting system.

Reclaim Our Shattered World: Explore a vast, ever-changing frontier, brimming with verdant flora and unique wildlife where uncharted adventure await.

An Ever-changing World: Embark on new adventures with regular updates for years to come all free-to-play

Slayer's Path
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The Slayer's Path is filled with objectives for Slayers to complete as they hone their skills with different Weaponry and hunt the Behemoths of the Shattered Isles. As you progress, you will reach new Milestones. With new Milestones come new islands, game modes, items, attributes, and more.

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Latest News

The Shattered Isles Dev Blog


Meet two of the Legends featured in The Shattered Isles:

Pandoro appearances foretell great calamities
Oberut laid still in the ground for hundreds of years, feeding on an aether stream


Crudge will debut as part of The Shattered Isles update, you can expect a very dynamic encounter with an overly persistent Behemoth. Crudge keeps even experienced Slayers on their toes, every time they think they got the upper hand, Crudge comes with one more unexpected move.

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