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Dark Harvest is a seasonal event in Dauntless. It usually takes place in October/November, and corresponds with the real-word celebration of Halloween, and its predecessors.


During the Dark Harvest, the Unseen, a doomsday cult, become active, and can be spotted around Ramsgate. The Night Hunters, an order of witch hunters, also emerge, to combat the Unseen and halt whatever foul plans they have in store.

Past Dark Harvest Celebrations[]

Dark Harvest 2017[]

Players were challenged in event hunts, with multiple behemoths, completing these hunts rewarded the players Dark Harvest themed items, such as the Dark Harvest flare and Harvest Pumpkin Sigil.

Dark Harvest 2018[]

Players received a series of clues and puzzles, which ended with the reveal of the fearsome Riftstalker, and rewarded players with the Unseen Armour set, the Unseen Flare, and the Unseen Sigil. A host of Unseen and Halloween themed items were available in the store. Details are described on the Unseen page.

Dark harvest 2019[]

Players were once again drawn into an ARG, solving clues, puzzles, and extracting cryptic symbols from many Dauntless sources, including the website, the Unseen Twitter account, and Dauntless partner streams and content, and watching as candles were lit in the Unseen Twitter's banner. After the ARG was completed, all players received the Callous Cacophony and Dark Harvest flares. Details are described on the Unseen page.

The end of the ARG closely coincided t=with the launch of the Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass, as well as the addition of more Unseen-themed cosmetics to the store.