Dauntless - crafting
Crafting is used to create and upgrade weapons and equipment in Dauntless . Resources for crafting are gathered during hunts on the Shattered Isles prior to the defeat of a Behemoth and from the creature itself. Items to look for are crystals often found on rocks, plants, fire/lava pits, and in bags and similar containers. Items used for crafting include crystals, aether, and a variety of catalysts. 

To craft, players will need to take their items to the Aethersmith . There are specific smiths for certain items. For example, Markus Boehr, the bosun in Ramsgate,  can creaate Healing Potions and Revive Talismans


Name Resources Amount
Healing Potion Aether Wisp 1
Revive Talisman Turtlegrass 1