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"The Voidrunners are an ancient civilization that appears to have worshipped the Thrax. Not much is known about these people, other than paintings on cavern walls that tell stories of using umbral aether to create personal transportation portals. Unlock this pass to discover Voidrunner secrets and earn shadowy rewards."

Voidrunner Discovery was one of the two first ever Cosmetic Hunt Passes in dauntless. It was released with patch 1.10.0 and lasted from Apr 14, 2022 to May 26, 2022. It was re-released on Oct 26, 2023 and was available till Dec 7, 2023. The Hunt Pass brought back rewards from the Relics & Ruin Hunt Pass. With the Hunt Pass came new items in the Reward Cache.

Picture showcasing one of the armour skins obtainable from the Voidrunner Discovery Hunt Pass.

Picture showcasing one of the armour skins obtainable from the Voidrunner Discovery Hunt Pass.

Voidrunner Discovery Rewards[ | ]

Voidrunner Discovery
Level Elite

Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001

1 Gates of Perception Icon Gates of Perception
2 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
3 Eventide Contingency Icon Eventide Contingency
4 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x5)
5 Void Beacon Icon Void Beacon
6 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x5)
7 Star Power Icon Star Power
8 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
9 Striking Midnight Icon Striking Midnight
10 Tactile Waveform Icon Tactile Waveform
11 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x200)
12 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
13 Shadow Gate Icon Shadow Gate
14 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x5)
15 Written in the Stars Icon Written in the Stars
16 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x5)
17 Weird Impossibilities Icon Weird Impossibilities
18 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x5)
19 Void Runner's Standard Icon Void Runner's Standard
20 Unthinkable Consequence Icon Unthinkable Consequence
21 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
22 Quantum Pursuits Icon Quantum Pursuits
23 Strange Repercussions Icon Strange Repercussions
24 Portal Beam Icon Portal Beam
Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x200)
25 Cosmic Centrifuge Icon Cosmic Centrifuge
26 Null Forces Icon Null Forces
27 Tabula Astra Icon Tabula Astra
28 Uncanny Axis Icon Uncanny Axis
29 Voidmind Infinite Icon Voidmind Infinite
30 Void Runner's Cowl Icon Void Runner's Cowl
Void Runner's Cloak Icon Void Runner's Cloak
Void Runner's Gloves Icon Void Runner's Gloves
Void Runner's Pants Icon Void Runner's Pants