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"The Farslayer Ritualists have always promoted peace in the Shattered Isles. Until now. A growing surge of radiant aether is throwing the aetheric spectrum off-balance, waking these Slayers from an isolated meditation. The Farslayer Ritualists revere all forms of aether, and are determined to bring the world back to balance."

Midsommar Madness was released on Aug 3, 2023 and lasted till Sept 14, 2023. The Hunt Pass brought back cosmetics from the Return to Light season Reward Cache.

Picture showcasing the armour skins obtainable from the Midsommar Madness Hunt Pass.

Picture showcasing the armour skins obtainable from the Midsommar Madness Hunt Pass.

Midsommar Madness Rewards[ | ]

Midsommar Madness
Level Elite

Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001

1 Ritualist Robes Icon Ritualist Robes
2 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
3 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
4 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x4)
5 Caladag, Sword of Legend Icon Caladag, Sword of Legend
6 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
7 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x10)
8 Gobahn, the Axe King Icon Gobahn, the Axe King
9 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
10 Ritualist Branches Icon Ritualist Branches
11 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x4)
12 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x250)
13 Areadar, the Green Spear Icon Areadar, the Green Spear
14 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
15 Growth & Decay Icon Growth & Decay
16 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x4)
17 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
18 Gaia, the Earth Hammer Icon Gaia, the Earth Hammer
19 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
20 Ritualist Roots Icon Ritualist Roots
21 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x250)
22 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
23 The Everdawns Icon The Everdawns
24 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x4)
25 The Karanen, Ancient Blades Icon The Karanen, Ancient Blades
26 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
27 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x4)
28 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x250)
29 Aetherdust Icon 001Aetherdust (x250)
30 Ritualist Horns Icon Ritualist Horns