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"The Ostian Naval Academy trains new recruits to hunt the Behemoth threat with discipline. The academy’s most elite students form the Zephyr Strike squad and train to control neutral aether in battle. Zephyr Strike is committed to patrolling the skyways to protect the innocent and keep Ostian rule intact."

Battle Academy was released with patch 1.13.0 and lasted from Jan 19, 2023 to Mar 9, 2023. The Hunt Pass brought back rewards from the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass. With the Hunt Pass came returning items in the Reward Cache.

Picture showcasing the armour skin obtainable from the Battle Academy Hunt Pass

Picture showcasing the armour skin obtainable from the Battle Academy Hunt Pass

Battle Academy Rewards[ | ]

Battle Academy
Level Elite

Hunt Pass Elite Icon 001

1 Zephyr Breakdown Icon Zephyr Breakdown
2 ZH-1 "Zero Hour" Icon ZH-1 "Zero Hour"
3 ZAC-42 "Sparrowhawks" Icon ZAC-42 "Sparrowhawks"
4 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
5 ZL-12 "Goldenshield" Beacon Icon ZL-12 "Goldenshield" Beacon
6 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x5)
7 ZAS-25 "Courage" Icon ZAS-25 "Courage"
8 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x5)
9 ZA-11 "Deathgrip" Field Gloves Icon ZA-11 "Deathgrip" Field Gloves
10 Vigilance Crest Icon Vigilance Crest
11 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
12 ZAR-60 "Deadly Hours" Icon ZAR-60 "Deadly Hours"
13 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x200)
14 ZL-11 "Longwalk" Combat Boots Icon ZL-11 "Longwalk" Combat Boots
15 Lunch Break Icon Lunch Break
16 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
17 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x5)
18 ZAA-11 "Valiant" Icon ZAA-11 "Valiant"
19 Bounty Token IconBounty Tokens (x5)
20 ZC-11 "Airstrike" Flight Suit Icon ZC-11 "Airstrike" Flight Suit
21 Aethersparks IconAethersparks (x50)
22 Marching Orders Icon Marching Orders
23 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x200)
24 ZAH-00 "Cry Havoc" Icon ZAH-00 "Cry Havoc"
25 ZH-3 "Navigator Prime" Icon ZH-3 "Navigator Prime"
26 Rams Icon 001Rams (x10,000)
27 Patrol Keys IconPatrol Keys (x5)
28 ZAP-22 "King in Yellow" Icon ZAP-22 "King in Yellow"
29 Combat Merits IconCombat Merits (x200)
30 Hang Time Icon Hang Time