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Cores contain Cells and occasionally Crafting Reagents. Cores can be obtained as rewards from Quests, Mastery level, Hunt Pass progression and the Hunting Grounds Island Events. There are 3 general levels of cores. Common, Uncommon and Rare. Previously these were Bronze, Silver and Gold and these names are still used in locations such as The Lucky Break.

Common Uncommon Rare
Common Cell Core Icon.png
Uncommon Cell Core Icon.png
Rare Cell Core Icon.png

Daily Login Cores[]

Fountain Core Icon.png

Every day, a Fountain Core along with 4x Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens can be collected by tossing a coin in the fountain at the Bazaar in Ramsgate. These cores can contain many different rewards, including Rams Icon 001.pngRams, Ace Chips Icon 001.pngAce Chips, Patrol Keys Icon.pngPatrol Keys, Exploration Merits Icon.pngExploration Merits, Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits, and Aethersparks Icon.pngAethersparks.

Legacy Cores[]

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Due to the nature of cores many previous core systems remain in the game in already earned cores. This includes the attachment of cores to this previous type system, while newly collected cores all act like Slayer Cores.

Name Contains
Defence Core Defence Cells and Mobility Cells
Offence Core Power Cells and Technique Cells
Slayer Core All Cell types
Utility Core Utility Cells and Crafting Reagents

Arcstone Cores[]

Arcstone Cores are rewards from some bonus events where Slayers can earn extra arcstones. When a bounty is completed during these events, a Bronze Arcstone Core is rewarded. It has a chance to give a Silver Arcstone Core when opened. Similarly, Silver Arcstone Cores have a chance of giving a Gold Arcstone Core when opened. Their contents can be found in the table below:

Core Rarity Rewards
Bronze Core.png Bronze Arcstone Core Uncommon Dull Arcstone Icon 001.pngDull Arcstone (x5) or Silver Core.pngSilver Arcstone Core
Silver Core.png Silver Arcstone Core Rare Dull Arcstone Icon 001.pngDull Arcstone (x10), Shining Arcstone Icon 001.pngShining Arcstone (x5) or Gold Core.pngGold Arcstone Core
Gold Core.png Gold Arcstone Core Epic Dull Arcstone Icon 001.pngDull Arcstone (x15), Shining Arcstone Icon 001.pngShining Arcstone (x10), Peerless Arcstone Icon 001.pngPeerless Arcstone (x5)