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City on the Verge
Markus Boehr
Markus Boehr
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Description[ | ]

Summary[ | ]

Achieve the goals Bosun Markus has set before you to prove you're ready to take command.

Journal[ | ]

Bosun Markus has been impressed with the work you and your fellow Slayer recruits have done in the Sheltered Frontier. But before he sends you to face the dangers of the chaotic Maelstrom in full command of your own airship, he's suggested you deal with a powerful Behemoth that escaped that massive storm to lay waste to an island close to Ramsgate. Then speak with some Ramsgate denizens who can be of help in your efforts: Aethersmith Arkan Drew and Admiral Janek Zai, a firearms expert stationed in the city by the Ostian navy.

Objectives[ | ]

Rewards[ | ]

Unlocks upon Accepting[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Markus Boehr: "The Maelstrom is on our doorstep and new Behemoths threaten this city, and Kat thinks you're ready to step up to the big leagues. Slay a mature Shrike and I'll make sure we get home in one piece."

Markus Boehr: "But first, two friends want to see you: Arkan Drew and that Ostian Admiral Zai. Arkan will ensure your lantern is up to snuff, and Zai wants to talk to you about "Ostian firepower." So... don't blow up."

(Complete objectives)

Markus Boehr: "You've done Ramsgate proud! No. That's not right. You've done all of us proud... Slayer. I reckon you've earned the right to chart your own course."

Markus Boehr: "But Kat plans to keep you busy. There are a lot of dangerous Behemoths in these skies. In fact, if you want to study up, seek out Dr. Priyani. Behemoth studies are her specialty. "

(Quest complete)