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Bulvar Rosk
Bulvar Rosk Icon 001.png
Crimson Blades Leader
Mid 30's
Voice Actor
Chris Tergliafera

Bulvar Rosk is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.


Bulvar "Trainer" Rosk has, like Kat Sorrel, retired from active Slayer duty. Unlike Kat, who has always used Ramsgate as her home base, Rosk spent much of his life wandering the Shattered Isles to learn everything he could about the weapons of the Slayer. Now that he too has chosen to remain in the city long-term, he's dedicated his free time to helping his friend former shipmate train the many Slayers who have come to the city seeking a quick route to the front lines of the fight. [...] Rosk is no drill sergeant. He prefers a more friendly, even jovial approach to instruction. But he also demands serious dedication to the fighting craft and is always ready to offer a lesson or two.

– Ramsgate Allies Journal Entry

Bulvar trained with the famous slayer Kat Sorrel some years ago and quickly went on to forge a powerful reputation as a slayer hunting down the largest and most dangerous behemoths. But he soon saw how wealthy mercenaries could become, and left the life of a trained champion to form his own company of slayers-for-hire: the Crimson Blades. Bulvar cannily negotiated with prospective employers and took on a larger than life persona to overcome some of the prejudices he ran up against from those who thought of mercenaries as dangerously untrained.

Though some might use a huge persona to cover up deep-seated insecurities, Bulvar Rosk is exactly that: a supremely confident alpha male who’s very used to go winning, being in charge, and getting his way. Thing is, he’s actually as good as he thinks he is. Rosk is personally brave and would face down the most massive behemoth without twitching, and he’ll also tell you all about why that makes him the greatest who ever lived. He’s not a bully, he’s just bullish on Bulvar.