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Miscellaneous[ | ]

Buff Description Obtained From

Log Buff Icon

Aether-soaked Log Log for building barriers Aether-soaked trees on Boreal Outpost and Coldrunner Key

Electrified Buff Icon

Energized Allows the player to turn valves on The Blazeworks and activate The Phaelanx Forge island event. +5% movement speed lasting for 5 minutes (maximum 6 stacks)

20 second timer after killing Shrowd or Rezakiri in the First Slayer's Legacy event hunt
Killing a behemoth on The Blazeworks

Killing either Shrowd or Rezakiri in the First Slayer's Legacy event hunt

Krolachi Wild Hunt Buff Icon

Krolachi Wild Hunt Show the Krolachi your skills in a variety of ways Completing objectives while defeating Behemoths in the Krolachi Wild Hunt island event

Barrett Placeholder Icon

Barrett A placeholder icon of Barrett's face Shows up as a bug sometimes.

Unique Effects[ | ]

Buff Description Obtained From

Red Glyph UE Icon

Red Glyph Deals radiant damage in a radius Having the red glyph activated using any Alyra weapon

Blue Glyph UE Icon

Blue Glyph Grants stacking shields that expire after 25s to slayers in a large radius Having the blue glyph activated using any Alyra weapon

Charrogg UE Icon

Charrogg Unique Effect After spending a set amount of stamina, your next attack emits a cone of flame that deals blaze damage to each unique target within the cone. Having any Charrogg weapon equipped

Gnasher UE Charge Icon

Gnasher Unique Effect Charging A 60s cooldown until you can enter rage. Taking damage causes you to enrage more quickly Having any Gnasher weapon equipped

Gnasher UE Active Icon

Gnasher Unique Effect Enter a rage, dealing increased damage and gaining immunity to stagger Having any Gnasher weapon equipped

Hit Counter Buff Icon

Embermane Unique Effect

Hellion Unique Effect
After a set number of hits in a row deals increased part, stagger or wound damage depending on the weapon

After a set number of hits in a row deals increased damage and inflicts major blaze status buildup
Having any Embermane weapon equipped

Having any Hellion weapon equipped

Kharabak UE Icon

Kharabak Unique Effect Once charged, your next attack unleashes whirling blades that deal terra damage. Additional attacks speed up the blades, which explode at the end of the duration and deal damage based on blade speed Having any Kharabak weapon equipped

Duelist's Precision Buff Icon

Phaelanx Unique Effect Once charged, your next hit locks on to the hit Behemoth part. Dealing damage loads homing missiles (max 4) that deal damage + additional damage for each other missile in the volley. On dodge, fire all loaded missiles Having any Phaelanx weapon equipped

Sahvyt UE Icon

Sahvyt Unique Effect Once charged, your next weapon swing/shot unleashes a boomerang projectile that frequently deals shock damage to any targer hit. Dodging through an attack reduces charge cooldown Having any Sahvyt weapon equipped

Valomyr UE Icon

Valomyr Unique Effect Once charged, your next attack deals radiant damage - charge rate increases with higher current health Having any Valomyr weapon equipped

Omnicells[ | ]

Buff Description Obtained From

Shield Sphere Buff Icon

Bastion Passive Increase all Shields applied to you by 15% Having the Bastion Omnicell equipped

Artificer Aura Buff Icon

Artificer Aura Restore 10 health/second. At full health, grants 10 Shields/second that last for 25s (maximum 40 Shields) Have someone use Artificer on you

Revive Disabled Buff Icon

Revive Disabled 90s cooldown until you can use Artificer on a downed Slayer Using Artificer on a downed Slayer

Inner Fire Buff Icon

Inner Fire Grants +4% Critical Damage Parrying an attack using the Discipline Omnicell

Disciplined State Buff Icon

Disciplined State Grants +50% Critical Chance and +100% Damage Received Obtaining 4 Inner Fire

Iceborne Passive Buff Icon

Iceborne Passive Grants +100 health Having the Iceborne Omnicell equipped

Iceborne Active Buff Icon

Iceborne Active Grants Stagger Protection and +10% Lifesteal for 8s Throwing an Ice Lance using the Iceborne Omnicell

Void Energy Buff Icon

Void Energy +4% damage and increases Revenant State duration 1s Collect Void Orbs while in Revenant State

Revenant State Buff Icon

Revenant State Prevents all healing for 15s. When Revenant State ends, recover 115 health for each Void Energy you have. Activate the Revenant Omnicell ability

Velocity Buff Icon

Velocity +3% movement speed for 45s (maximum 5 stacks) Dodging through an attack while having the Tempest Omnicell equipped

Status Effects[ | ]

Status Effect Description Obtained From

On Fire Debuff Icon

On Fire Damages Slayers over time. Dodge to remove Caused by blaze infused attacks or by walking inside lava pools, fire and smollusk trails

Chilled Debuff Icon

Chilled Slows Slayers for a short time. Spend stamina to remove Caused by frost infused attacks or by walking in frost zones and smollusk trails

Shocked Debuff Icon

Shocked Blocks interactions and consumables. Attack to remove Caused by shock infused attacks or by walking in shock zones and smollusk trails

Corrupted Debuff Icon

Corrupted Drains health quickly. Attack to remove Caused by umbral infused attacks or by walking in corruption pools and smollusk trails

Swarmed Debuff Icon

Swarmed Drains health slowly. Attack to remove Caused by walking in swarms of insects

Poison Debuff Icon

Poisoned Deals damage over time Caused by standing in poison until the poison meter is filled

Wounded Debuff Icon

Wounded Increases damage taken and stamina used. Heal to remove Caused by attacks capable of inflicting wounded

Shellshocked Debuff Icon

Shellshocked Stamina cost increased Caused by behemoths with the Aether Shrapnel or the Shockfall modifier

Max Danger Icon

Max Danger Increases damage taken and unable to revive downed Slayers Caused by reaching 100% danger

Deep Freeze Debuff Icon

Deep Freeze Stamina cost increased. Increased frost damage taken Caused by the Deep Freeze modifier

Cell Perks[ | ]

Buff Description Obtained From
Aether Rush Icon Aether rush Increased damage, attack speed, movement speed and stamina regeneration Wounding a behemoth part or by dealing 1500 damage to wounded parts

Gnasher UE Active Icon

Pulse Crit Indicates that the next hit is a guaranteed critical strike Equipping Pulse cell

Consumables[ | ]

Buff Description Obtained From

Aetherdrive Buff Icon

Aetherdrive Increased cooldown rate of your Lantern ability Aetherdrive Tonic

Stagger Damage Buff Icon

Assault Increased Stagger damage dealt Assault Tonic

Attack Speed Buff Icon

Blitz Increased attack speed Blitz Tonic

Defense Buff Icon

Bulwark Reduced damage taken Bulwark Tonic

Damage Buff Icon

Frenzy Increased damage dealt. Effect is doubled if a nearvy Behemoth is enraged Frenzy Tonic

Wound Increase Buff Icon

Insight Increased Wound damage dealt Insight Tonic

Damage Buff Icon

Inspiring Increased damage dealt Inspiring Pylon

Defense Buff Icon

Ironhide Decreased damage taken Ironhide Pylon

Lifesteal Buff Icon

Lifedrain Damage dealt will heal all nearby Slayers Lifedrain Tonic

Health Regen Buff Icon

Lifespring Restores health Lifespring Pylon

Stamina Buff Icon

Stamina Increased stamina regen and reduced stamina costs Stamina Tonic