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Bounties are tasks that can be completed to earn Combat Merits Icon.pngCombat Merits, Weapon Skill XP, and Hunt Pass XP. Bounties are obtained by spending Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens.


Bounties rely on two basic units: Bounty Cards and Bounty Tokens. Spending a token lets you draw three random Bounty Cards. Choose one to add it to your active bounties.

You can have up to four bounties active at a time. Once you complete a bounty and claim your rewards, you can immediately spend another token to draw a new set of cards.

Getting Bounties[]

Daily Tokens[]

All Slayers will automatically get 10 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens at the start of each Hunt Pass, plus 4 Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens every day, by logging in and doing the daily coin flip. That means that in a typical 35-day Hunt Pass cycle, you’d get 150 regular tokens for free.

Hunt Pass Tokens[]

There is a chance that you’ll find Bounty Token Icon.pngBounty Tokens (both regular and premium) scattered across the Hunt Pass reward tracks. Use them and complete your bounties to work your way toward the season’s best loot.


Once you have a token or two, you’re ready to draw your first Bounty Card! It costs one token to draw a Bounty Card.

Each time you spend a token, you’ll draw three random Bounty Cards. Choose your favorite card to add it to your active bounties. The other two cards will be discarded.

Bounties Bronze showcase.jpg

Once you have selected and finished a Bounty you will get a notification that you can claim your reward.

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While you’re always guaranteed to draw three Bounty Cards, what you draw from the deck can vary. The cards we’ve shown so far have all been bronze cards – the most common type of Bounty Card. But you’ll also find rarer cards hidden in the stack. Silver cards offer slightly better rewards than bronze, while gold cards (the rarest of the rare) ramp up both challenge and rewards.

Bounty Quality.jpg

Worried about having to choose between bronze, silver, and gold? Don’t. We’ve built the draft system so that you’ll always draw three cards of the same rarity.[1]


  • When the Bounty system launched, all T2 (Threat LevelThreat Level 2) and higher hunts had a chance to drop a Bounty Token. That chance increased with the difficulty level. This has since been replaced by hunt pass XP awarded on hunt completion
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