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Boreal Outpost
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Boreal Outpost is the 2nd island in the Hunting Grounds.

Description[ | ]

When separated from its other half, Boreal Outpost drifts alone through the skies. Its Behemoths-some cast out from Coldrunner Key-are castaways vying for what little land they can. Foolish cargo haulers once sought refuge on this island when it meandered through trade routes, but soon found their ships under siege from desperate fauna. Now, captains know better than to seek shelter on this frigid waste.

Behemoths[ | ]

Icon Behemoth
Lesser Boreus Illustrated Framed Icon Lesser Boreus
Lesser Gnasher Illustrated Framed Icon Lesser Gnasher

Gatherables[ | ]

Icon Item Spawn Rarity
Heart Lily Icon 001 Heart Lily Common
Skybloom Icon 001 Skybloom Uncommon

Journal Entries[ | ]

Discoveries in this island:

Icon Name Description
That Snow Battlefield That Snow Battlefield Nothing improves the hand-eye coordination of aspiring young Slayers like a traditional snowball fight. Maybe not every battleground is worth spending blood or treasure, but that doesn't mean the fight's not worth having.

Gallery[ | ]