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The Behemoths are cunning, large, terrible and vicious creatures that hunt Humanity in The Shattered Isles.


Behemoths are massive, hulking beasts that are spread throughout The Shattered Isles. They seem to be naturally occurring, though this has always been in question. Behemoths are asexual entities, and dissolve fully back into aether when defeated. Particles of slain behemoths may at a later time spontaneously form a new Behemoth of that species. Behemoths notable seem to ignore one another when found together. It is unknown why, but may be something built into the creatures themselves. Behemoths feed off the land by consuming Aether, and grow increasingly stronger as they consume, unlike the Fauna that inhabits the Shattered Isles.

List of Behemoths

Below is a list of all known behemoth species that Humanity has encountered in The Shattered Isles. Variants of a particular species can be found on the behemoth's page.








Behemoth States


Behemoths can become enraged after taking a significant amount of damage from Slayers. This is indicated by a quick burst of red aether in a sphere around the Behemoth as well as a residual glow from the body and eyes. Once enraged, Behemoths will deal more damage and may attack faster or even change their attack patterns.

While Behemoths are more dangerous when they are enraged there are perks that can allow you to do deal additional damage to them. Enraged Behemoths may still become aether charged. Behemoths also can not flee from battle when they are enraged.

Aether Charged

Some Behemoths can become aether charged in a similar manner to becoming enraged. The effects of an aether charged state vary between Behemoths but are indicated by a temporary change in appearance and attack patterns, as well as attaining new attacks.

While Behemoths are more dangerous when they are aether charged, there are perks that can allow you to do deal additional damage to them. Charged behemoths may still become enraged. Behemoths also can not flee from battle while they are charged.



Primal Behemoths are past variations of existing behemoths that have fallen forward through time. More powerful than a contemporary behemoth slayers face a using the pillars in place to suppress the primal behemoth and sacrificing their own abilities or destroying them to regain their power and unleash the primal behemoth's full strength.


Terror of the Shattered Isles

Behemoths are savage, gigantic beasts that roam the Shattered Isles and threaten our survival. Entire settlements and countless lives have been lost to these beasts. A Behemoth will consume every resource and drop of aether in its path, leaving nothing but lifeless husks.[1]

Behemoths draw their deadly power from the earth itself, swallowing up latent aether in the ground. This power fuels their hunger and the deadly elemental blaze, shock, and frost energy they unleash in combat. This aetheric power determines their physiology, appearance, sometimes even their behaviour. There are even rumours from the frontier of beasts harnessing darker energies as well…

Behemoth Style

A Slayer’s legend is written in their armour and weapons, forged from the trophies they take from the Behemoths they defeat. The smiths of Ramsgate can use these tokens of victory to add the Drask scales to a sword's blade or the hide of a mighty Embermane to your breastplate, for example. Improve your weapons and armour with the spoils of the hunt and every Slayer will know the challenges you’ve conquered.[2]

A shift in the Aether

Behemoths once kept their distance from inhabited islands, but lately? Not so much. Behemoths have been spotted outside their usual territories – dangerously close to human settlements – and they seem to be growing stronger. There have even been reports of strange new Behemoths out past the Monstrous Verge.

What are they doing out there? Where are they coming from? And why this sudden shift in behaviour?

We’ll be waiting for answers from you, Slayer. Good luck and have fun.