Dauntless Wiki

Armour Sets

Head Torso Arms Legs
Arcslayer Helmet Icon.png
Arcslayer Helmet
Arcslayer Jacket Icon.png
Arcslayer Jacket
Arcslayer Gauntlets Icon.png
Arcslayer Gauntlets
Arcslayer Greaves Icon.png
Arcslayer Greaves
Battleforge Cowl Icon.png
Battleforge Cowl
Battleforge Cuirasse Icon.png
Battleforge Cuirasse
Aetheric Guardian's Diadem Icon.png
Aetheric Guardian's Diadem
Aetheric Guardian's Armour Icon.png
Aetheric Guardian's Armour
Aetheric Guardian's Gauntlets Icon.png
Aetheric Guardian's Gauntlets
Aetheric Guardian's Boots Icon.png
Aetheric Guardian's Boots
Crimson Casque Icon.png
Crimson Casque
Crimson Cuirass Icon.png
Crimson Cuirass
Crimson Cuffs Icon.png
Crimson Cuffs
Crimson Chausses Icon.png
Crimson Chausses
Defender's Helm Icon.png
Defender's Helm
Defender's Cuirass Icon.png
Defender's Cuirass
Defender's Bracers Icon.png
Defender's Bracers
Defender's Boots Icon.png
Defender's Boots
Death's Witness Icon.png
Death's Witness
Death's Reliquary Icon.png
Death's Reliquary
Death's Grips Icon.png
Death's Grips
Death's Pursuit Icon.png
Death's Pursuit
Dustrider's Bolero Icon.png
Dustrider's Bolero
Dustrider's Coat Icon.png
Dustrider's Coat
Dustrider's Gloves Icon.png
Dustrider's Gloves
Dustrider's Greaves Icon.png
Dustrider's Greaves
Firelight Phoenix Soul Icon.png
Firelight Phoenix Soul
Firelight Phoenix Heart Icon.png
Firelight Phoenix Heart
Forgemaster Helm Icon.png
Forgemaster Helm
Forgemaster Gauntlets Icon.png
Forgemaster Gauntlets
Founder's Cuirass Icon.png
Founder's Cuirass
Founder's Bracers Icon.png
Founder's Bracers
Founder's Greaves Icon.png
Founder's Greaves
The Adoration Hood Icon.png
The Adoration Hood
The Steadfast Tunic Icon.png
The Steadfast Tunic
The Rapturous Handwraps Icon.png
The Rapturous Handwraps
The Star-Crossed Boots Icon.png
The Star-Crossed Boots
Iron Nikola Hood Icon.png
Iron Nikola Hood
Iron Nikola Vestments Icon.png
Iron Nikola Vestments
Iron Nikola Gloves Icon.png
Iron Nikola Gloves
Iron Nikola Snowboots Icon.png
Iron Nikola Snowboots
Lightsworn Wreath Icon.png
Lightsworn Wreath
Lightsworn Vestments Icon.png
Lightsworn Vestments
Lightsworn Vambraces Icon.png
Lightsworn Vambraces
Lightsworn Treads Icon.png
Lightsworn Treads
Lucky Hat Icon.png
Lucky Hat
Lucky Corset Icon.png
Lucky Corset
Lucky Wristguards Icon.png
Lucky Wristguards
Lucky Spurs Icon.png
Lucky Spurs
Commander General's Dress Uniform Icon.png
Commander General's Dress Uniform
Commander General's Executive Gauntlets Icon.png
Commander General's Executive Gauntlets
Commander General's Formal Boots Icon.png
Commander General's Formal Boots
Overseer's Robes Icon.png
Overseer's Robes
Overseer's Guards Icon.png
Overseer's Guards
Overseer's Steps Icon.png
Overseer's Steps
Guard Commander's Cap Icon.png
Guard Commander's Cap
Guard Commander's Jacket Icon.png
Guard Commander's Jacket
Guard Commander's Bracers Icon.png
Guard Commander's Bracers
Guard Commander's Boots Icon.png
Guard Commander's Boots
Ramsguard Scout's Hat Icon.png
Ramsguard Scout's Hat
Ramsguard Scout's Jacket Icon.png
Ramsguard Scout's Jacket
Ramsguard Scout's Bracers Icon.png
Ramsguard Scout's Bracers
Ramsguard Scout's Boots Icon.png
Ramsguard Scout's Boots
Guerilla Headband Icon.png
Guerilla Headband
Tactical Tank Icon.png
Tactical Tank
Skyfighter Mask Icon.png
Skyfighter Mask
Skyfighter Jacket Icon.png
Skyfighter Jacket
Skyfighter Gloves Icon.png
Skyfighter Gloves
Skyfighter Trousers Icon.png
Skyfighter Trousers
Tubular Psychtronica Icon.png
Tubular Psychtronica
Hexa-Flex Icon.png
Hexagonal Crash Icon.png
Hexagonal Crash
Unseen Visage Icon.png
Unseen Visage
Unseen Doublet Icon.png
Unseen Doublet
Unseen Protectors Icon.png
Unseen Protectors
Unseen Bindings Icon.png
Unseen Bindings
Watcher's Silks Icon.png
Watcher's Silks
Watcher's Boots Icon.png
Watcher's Boots

Hunt Pass Armour Sets

Head Torso Arms Legs
Desperado's Mask Icon.png
Desperado's Mask
Desperado's Cloak Icon.png
Desperado's Cloak
Desperado's Gloves Icon.png
Desperado's Gloves
Desperado's Boots Icon.png
Desperado's Boots
The Golden Epoch Icon.png
The Golden Epoch
The Age of Titans Icon.png
The Age of Titans
The Wages of Eternity Icon.png
The Wages of Eternity
The March of Centuries Icon.png
The March of Centuries
Watch Cap Icon.png
Watch Cap
Flight Jacket Icon.png
Flight Jacket
Insulated Gauntlets Icon.png
Insulated Gauntlets
Thermal Trousers Icon.png
Thermal Trousers
Nikola's Hood Icon.png
Nikola's Hood
Nikola's Vestments Icon.png
Nikola's Vestments
Nikola's Gloves Icon.png
Nikola's Gloves
Nikola's Snowboots Icon.png
Nikola's Snowboots
The Adoration Plume Icon.png
The Adoration Plume
The Steadfast Heart Icon.png
The Steadfast Heart
The Rapturous Embrace Icon.png
The Rapturous Embrace
The Star-Crossed Walk Icon.png
The Star-Crossed Walk
Farslayer's Vision Icon.png
Farslayer's Vision
Farslayer's Marrow Icon.png
Farslayer's Marrow
Farslayer's Reach Icon.png
Farslayer's Reach
Farslayer's Balance Icon.png
Farslayer's Balance
Barbaric Crown Icon.png
Barbaric Crown
Barbaric Courage Icon.png
Barbaric Courage
Barbaric Strength Icon.png
Barbaric Strength
Barbaric Tread Icon.png
Barbaric Tread
Shadow's Face Icon.png
Shadow's Face
Shadow's Mettle Icon.png
Shadow's Mettle
Shadow's Grasp Icon.png
Shadow's Grasp
Shadow's Step Icon.png
Shadow's Step
Cocked Hat Icon.png
Cocked Hat
Corsair's Waistcoat Icon.png
Corsair's Waistcoat
Corsair's Steelgrip Icon.png
Corsair's Steelgrip
Corsair's Wingtreads Icon.png
Corsair's Wingtreads
ZH-1 "Zero Hour" Icon.png
ZH-1 "Zero Hour"
ZC-11 "Airstrike" Flight Suit Icon.png
ZC-11 "Airstrike" Flight Suit
ZA-11 "Deathgrip" Field Gloves Icon.png
ZA-11 "Deathgrip" Field Gloves
ZL-11 "Longwalk" Combat Boots Icon.png
ZL-11 "Longwalk" Combat Boots
Seeker's Hat Icon.png
Seeker's Hat
Seeker's Tunic Icon.png
Seeker's Tunic
Seeker's Fist Wraps Icon.png
Seeker's Fist Wraps
Seeker's Leg Wraps Icon.png
Seeker's Leg Wraps
Master's Hat Icon.png
Master's Hat
Master's Tunic Icon.png
Master's Tunic
Master's Fist Wraps Icon.png
Master's Fist Wraps
Master's Leg Wraps Icon.png
Master's Leg Wraps
Night Hunter's Bicorne Icon.png
Night Hunter's Bicorne
Night Hunter's Coat Icon.png
Night Hunter's Coat
Night Hunter's Gloves Icon.png
Night Hunter's Gloves
Night Hunter's Boots Icon.png
Night Hunter's Boots
Demon Bane's Bicorne Icon.png
Demon Bane's Bicorne
Demon Bane's Coat Icon.png
Demon Bane's Coat
Demon Bane's Gloves Icon.png
Demon Bane's Gloves
Demon Bane's Boots Icon.png
Demon Bane's Boots
Heroic Helm Icon.png
Heroic Helm
Heroic Plate Icon.png
Heroic Plate
Heroic Vambraces Icon.png
Heroic Vambraces
Heroic Greaves Icon.png
Heroic Greaves
Helm of the First Slayer Icon.png
Helm of the First Slayer
Cuirass of the First Slayer Icon.png
Cuirass of the First Slayer
Vambraces of the First Slayer Icon.png
Vambraces of the First Slayer
Greaves of the First Slayer Icon.png
Greaves of the First Slayer
Punk's Peak Icon.png
Punk's Peak
Level X Icon.png
Level X
Torn Glory Icon.png
Torn Glory
Killer Kicks Icon.png
Killer Kicks
Cross-Eyed Metavisor Icon.png
Cross-Eyed Metavisor
Slaypunk X-Thousand Icon.png
Slaypunk X-Thousand
Bioplasmic Cybersleeves Icon.png
Bioplasmic Cybersleeves
Hypersonic Radpants Icon.png
Hypersonic Radpants
Raptor's Hood Icon.png
Raptor's Hood
Raptor's Cloak Icon.png
Raptor's Cloak
Raptor's Grips Icon.png
Raptor's Grips
Raptor's Stride Icon.png
Raptor's Stride
Visage of the Blaze Hawk Icon.png
Visage of the Blaze Hawk
Mantle of the Blaze Hawk Icon.png
Mantle of the Blaze Hawk
Vambraces of the Blaze Hawk Icon.png
Vambraces of the Blaze Hawk
Greaves of the Blaze Hawk Icon.png
Greaves of the Blaze Hawk
Seismic Haz-Mask Icon.png
Seismic Haz-Mask
Seismic Flak Jacket Icon.png
Seismic Flak Jacket
Seismic Battle Gloves Icon.png
Seismic Battle Gloves
Seismic Combat Greaves Icon.png
Seismic Combat Greaves
SM-CH5 "Cyclops Rock" Crash Helm Icon.png
SM-CH5 "Cyclops Rock" Crash Helm
SM-TA3 "Hard Stop" Tec-Armour Icon.png
SM-TA3 "Hard Stop" Tec-Armour
SM-WG5 "Break Point" War Gauntlets Icon.png
SM-WG5 "Break Point" War Gauntlets
SM-PG7 "Grand Stand" Power Greaves Icon.png
SM-PG7 "Grand Stand" Power Greaves
Void Runner's Cowl Icon.png
Void Runner's Cowl
Void Runner's Cloak Icon.png
Void Runner's Cloak
Void Runner's Gloves Icon.png
Void Runner's Gloves
Void Runner's Pants Icon.png
Void Runner's Pants
Voidmind Infinite Icon.png
Voidmind Infinite
Cosmic Centrifuge Icon.png
Cosmic Centrifuge
Tactile Waveform Icon.png
Tactile Waveform
Quantum Pursuits Icon.png
Quantum Pursuits
Survival Goggles Icon.png
Survival Goggles
Expedition Jacket Icon.png
Expedition Jacket
Climbing Grips Icon.png
Climbing Grips
Delving Denims Icon.png
Delving Denims
Wayfinder's Trinoculars Icon.png
Wayfinder's Trinoculars
Wayfinder's Flight Suit Icon.png
Wayfinder's Flight Suit
Wayfinder's Flight Gloves Icon.png
Wayfinder's Flight Gloves
Wayfinder's Grav-Boots Icon.png
Wayfinder's Grav-Boots
Sentinel's Mask Icon.png
Sentinel's Mask
Sentinel's Vest Icon.png
Sentinel's Vest
Sentinel's Gloves Icon.png
Sentinel's Gloves
Sentinel's Greaves Icon.png
Sentinel's Greaves
Thornguard Crest Icon.png
Thornguard Crest
Thornguard Cloak Icon.png
Thornguard Cloak
Thornguard Bracers Icon.png
Thornguard Bracers
Thornguard Leathers Icon.png
Thornguard Leathers
Alchemancer's Monocular Icon.png
Alchemancer's Monocular
Alchemancer's Waistcoat Icon.png
Alchemancer's Waistcoat
Alchemancer's Bucklers Icon.png
Alchemancer's Bucklers
Alchemancer's Bootstraps Icon.png
Alchemancer's Bootstraps
Ostian Diadem of Command Icon.png
Ostian Diadem of Command
Ostian Admiral's Coat Icon.png
Ostian Admiral's Coat
Ostian Admiral's Bracers Icon.png
Ostian Admiral's Bracers
Ostian Admiral's Greaves Icon.png
Ostian Admiral's Greaves
Mechaetheric Technovisor Icon.png
Mechaetheric Technovisor
Mechaetheric Boltplate Icon.png
Mechaetheric Boltplate
Mechaetheric Autogrips Icon.png
Mechaetheric Autogrips
Mechaetheric Battleboots Icon.png
Mechaetheric Battleboots
War Head Icon.png
War Head
War Chest Icon.png
War Chest
War Powers Icon.png
War Powers
War Footing Icon.png
War Footing
Warden Scout's Jehylm Icon.png
Warden Scout's Jehylm
Warden Scout's Bryjind Icon.png
Warden Scout's Bryjind
Warden Scout's Hanskyrs Icon.png
Warden Scout's Hanskyrs
Warden Scout's Geravyrs Icon.png
Warden Scout's Geravyrs
Warden Defender's Jehylm Icon.png
Warden Defender's Jehylm
Warden Defender's Bryjind Icon.png
Warden Defender's Bryjind
Warden Defender's Hanskyrs Icon.png
Warden Defender's Hanskyrs
Warden Defender's Geravyrs Icon.png
Warden Defender's Geravyrs
Ragnar's Jehylm Icon.png
Ragnar's Jehylm
Ragnar's Bryjind Icon.png
Ragnar's Bryjind
Polar Aurora Icon.png
Polar Aurora
Absolute Zero-Point Icon.png
Absolute Zero-Point
Arctic Conditions Icon.png
Arctic Conditions
Crashing Temperatures Icon.png
Crashing Temperatures
Paladin's Spirit Icon.png
Paladin's Spirit
Paladin's Soul Icon.png
Paladin's Soul
Paladin's Strength Icon.png
Paladin's Strength
Paladin's Stand Icon.png
Paladin's Stand
Primal War-Rictus Icon.png
Primal War-Rictus
Primal War-Pauldrons Icon.png
Primal War-Pauldrons
Primal War-Mask Icon.png
Primal War-Mask
Primal War-Plate Icon.png
Primal War-Plate
Primal War-Claws Icon.png
Primal War-Claws
Primal War-Talons Icon.png
Primal War-Talons
Everlasting Vision Icon.png
Everlasting Vision
Eternal Heart Icon.png
Eternal Heart
Runner Voidhelm Icon.png
Runner Voidhelm
Runner Voidplate Icon.png
Runner Voidplate
Enduring Embrace Icon.png
Enduring Embrace
Endless Stride Icon.png
Endless Stride
Jester of the Evenfall Moon Icon.png
Jester of the Evenfall Moon
Wings of the Sundown Hawk Icon.png
Wings of the Sundown Hawk
Embrace of the Shadowtide Icon.png
Embrace of the Shadowtide
Tracks of the Stalking Specter Icon.png
Tracks of the Stalking Specter
Mask of the Nocturne Star Icon.png
Mask of the Nocturne Star
Mantle of the Tenebrous Glade Icon.png
Mantle of the Tenebrous Glade
OTEX-H2 "Obedient Purpose" Icon.png
OTEX-H2 "Obedient Purpose"
EX1-RAC "Lord-Triumphant's Wisdom" Icon.png
EX1-RAC "Lord-Triumphant's Wisdom"
EX1-ARA "The Commodore's Command" Icon.png
EX1-ARA "The Commodore's Command"
EX1-RAL "High Chamberlain's Grace" Icon.png
EX1-RAL "High Chamberlain's Grace"
OTEX-C2 "Honour Guard" Icon.png
OTEX-C2 "Honour Guard"
OTEX-A2 "Reverent Action" Icon.png
OTEX-A2 "Reverent Action"
OTEX-L2 "Loyal Foundation" Icon.png
OTEX-L2 "Loyal Foundation"
Battlecraft Helmet Icon.png
Battlecraft Helmet
Battlecraft Vest Icon.png
Battlecraft Vest
Battlecraft Gloves Icon.png
Battlecraft Gloves
Battlecraft Boots Icon.png
Battlecraft Boots
Royal Battlecraft Facade Icon.png
Royal Battlecraft Facade
Royal Battlecraft Coat Icon.png
Royal Battlecraft Coat
Unseen Initiate Mask Icon.png
Unseen Initiate Mask
Unseen Initiate Jacket Icon.png
Unseen Initiate Jacket
Unseen Initiate Wrappings Icon.png
Unseen Initiate Wrappings
Unseen Initiate Bindings Icon.png
Unseen Initiate Bindings
Warlord Jawtrap Icon.png
Warlord Jawtrap
Warlord Bodyplate Icon.png
Warlord Bodyplate
Warlord Handspikes Icon.png
Warlord Handspikes
Warlord Footwraps Icon.png
Warlord Footwraps
Krolachi Furnace Mask Icon.png
Krolachi Furnace Mask
Krolachi Furnace Plate Icon.png
Krolachi Furnace Plate
Marauder's Mask Icon.png
Marauder's Mask
Marauder's Coat Icon.png
Marauder's Coat
Marauder's Gloves Icon.png
Marauder's Gloves
Marauder's Boots Icon.png
Marauder's Boots
Gleaming Veil Icon.png
Gleaming Veil
Gleaming Battlesuit Icon.png
Gleaming Battlesuit
Gleaming Palm Icon.png
Gleaming Palm
Gleaming Sole Icon.png
Gleaming Sole
Shining Armet Icon.png
Shining Armet
Shining Armour Icon.png
Shining Armour
Monstrous Horns Icon.png
Monstrous Horns
Monstrous Hide Icon.png
Monstrous Hide
Monstrous Claws Icon.png
Monstrous Claws
Monstrous Talons Icon.png
Monstrous Talons
Scaled Monstrous Horn Icon.png
Scaled Monstrous Horn
Scaled Monstrous Hide Icon.png
Scaled Monstrous Hide
Andari Kabuto Icon.png
Andari Kabuto
Andari Armour Icon.png
Andari Armour
Andari Aethercoil Icon.png
Andari Aethercoil
Andari Sandals Icon.png
Andari Sandals
Andari Darkness Icon.png
Andari Darkness
Andari Shadow Icon.png
Andari Shadow

Reward Cache Armour Sets

Head Torso Arms Legs
Elder Dustcrown Icon.png
Elder Dustcrown
Elder Dustrobes Icon.png
Elder Dustrobes
Elder Dustgrips Icon.png
Elder Dustgrips
Elder Dustriders Icon.png
Elder Dustriders
Infinite Guard-Helm Icon.png
Infinite Guard-Helm
Infinite Guard-Plate Icon.png
Infinite Guard-Plate
Infinite Guard-Bracers Icon.png
Infinite Guard-Bracers
Infinite Guard-Boots Icon.png
Infinite Guard-Boots
Hinterwilds Hood Icon.png
Hinterwilds Hood
Hinterwilds Camouflage Icon.png
Hinterwilds Camouflage
Hinterwilds Bracers Icon.png
Hinterwilds Bracers
Hinterwilds Buskins Icon.png
Hinterwilds Buskins
Enforcer's Blast Helmet.png
Enforcer's Blast Helmet
Enforcer's Impact Plate.png
Enforcer's Impact Plate
Enforcer's Battle Gloves.png
Enforcer's Battle Gloves
Enforcer's Combat Greaves.png
Enforcer's Combat Greaves
Secretkeeper's Circlet Icon.png
Secretkeeper's Circlet
Secretkeeper's Wrap Icon.png
Secretkeeper's Wrap
Secretkeeper's Reach Icon.png
Secretkeeper's Reach
Secretkeeper's Step Icon.png
Secretkeeper's Step
Mystic Horns Icon.png
Mystic Horns
Mystic Trappings Icon.png
Mystic Trappings
Mystic Guards Icon.png
Mystic Guards
Mystic Boots Icon.png
Mystic Boots
Treasure Hunter's Hat Icon.png
Treasure Hunter's Hat
Treasure Hunter's Cloak Icon.png
Treasure Hunter's Cloak
Treasure Hunter's Gloves Icon.png
Treasure Hunter's Gloves
Treasure Hunter's Boots Icon.png
Treasure Hunter's Boots
Infiltrator's Mask Icon.png
Infiltrator's Mask
Infiltrator's Shroud Icon.png
Infiltrator's Shroud
Infiltrator's Gloves Icon.png
Infiltrator's Gloves
Infiltrator's Boots Icon.png
Infiltrator's Boots
Ritualist Horns Icon.png
Ritualist Horns
Ritualist Robes Icon.png
Ritualist Robes
Ritualist Branches Icon.png
Ritualist Branches
Ritualist Roots Icon.png
Ritualist Roots
Gilded Cage Icon.png
Gilded Cage
Gilded Tunic Icon.png
Gilded Tunic
Gilded Fist Guards Icon.png
Gilded Fist Guards
Gilded Leg Guards Icon.png
Gilded Leg Guards

Escalation Armour Sets

Head Torso Arms Legs
Malevolent Vision Icon.png
Malevolent Vision
Malevolent Heart Icon.png
Malevolent Heart
Malevolent Reach Icon.png
Malevolent Reach
Malevolent Wings Icon.png
Malevolent Wings
Igneous Peak Icon.png
Igneous Peak
Igneous Mantle Icon.png
Igneous Mantle
Igneous Summit Icon.png
Igneous Summit
Igneous Bedrock Icon.png
Igneous Bedrock
Trichromatic Nightmare Icon.png
Trichromatic Nightmare
Warp Carapax Icon.png
Warp Carapax
Wicked Grasp Icon.png
Wicked Grasp
Malice of the Deeps Icon.png
Malice of the Deeps
The Mycelial Crown Icon.png
The Mycelial Crown
Untouched Heartwood Icon.png
Untouched Heartwood
Organic Outreach Icon.png
Organic Outreach
Stalking Growth Icon.png
Stalking Growth
Brain Freeze Icon.png
Brain Freeze
Heart of Cold Icon.png
Heart of Cold
Snow Trouble Icon.png
Snow Trouble
Glacial Progress Icon.png
Glacial Progress
The Golden Epoch Icon.png
The Golden Epoch
The Age of Titans Icon.png
The Age of Titans
The Wages of Eternity Icon.png
The Wages of Eternity
The March of Centuries Icon.png
The March of Centuries

Trials Armour Sets

Head Torso Arms Legs
Victorious Helm Icon.png
Victorious Helm
Victorious Plate Icon.png
Victorious Plate
Victorious Gauntlets Icon.png
Victorious Gauntlets
Victorious Greaves Icon.png
Victorious Greaves
Champion's Helm Icon.png
Champion's Helm
Champion's Plate Icon.png
Champion's Plate
Champion's Gauntlets Icon.png
Champion's Gauntlets
Champion's Greaves Icon.png
Champion's Greaves

Rumour Armour Pieces

Head Torso Arms Legs
Isgryth Jehylm Icon.png
Isgryth Jehylm
Searing Dawn Icon.png
Searing Dawn
Scorchwing Visionary Icon.png
Scorchwing Visionary
Scorchwing Reborn Icon.png
Scorchwing Reborn
Living Blade Antennae Icon.png
Living Blade Antennae
Living Blade Carapace Icon.png
Living Blade Carapace
Wreath of Shadows Icon.png
Wreath of Shadows
Deep Rot Icon.png
Deep Rot
Toxic Phage Icon.png
Toxic Phage
Field-Rigged Battleplate Icon.png
Field-Rigged Battleplate
Timeweave Vambraces Icon.png
Timeweave Vambraces
First Warden's Jehylm Icon.png
First Warden's Jehylm
First Warden's Bryjind Icon.png
First Warden's Bryjind

Solo Armour Pieces

Icon Name Obtained from
Secret Sight Icon.png
Secret Sight The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 800 (Secret Sight Style Kit)
The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 2,500 (Forbidden Visions Mega Bundle)
Shrieking Shrike Mask Icon.png
Shrieking Shrike Mask Purchase from Honest Ozz for Harvest Coin Icon.png200 during Dark Harvest 2020
Sly 'Stalker Mask Icon.png
Sly 'Stalker Mask Purchase from Honest Ozz for Harvest Coin Icon.png300 during Dark Harvest 2020
Bells of Winter Icon.png
Bells of Winter Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png400 during Frostfall 2021
Ram-At-Arms Disguise Icon.png
Ram-At-Arms Disguise In the Store for Platinum Icon 001.png600 during Ramsgiving 2021
Ramsguard War Helm Icon.png
Ramsguard War Helm Purchase the Recruit tier Supporter Pack (no longer available)

Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Ramsgiving 2020

Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Ramsgiving 2021
ZH-3 "Navigator Prime" Icon.png
ZH-3 "Navigator Prime" Hunt Pass Season: Zephyr Strike Level 15 Elite reward
Auroranaut's Lockhelm Icon.png
Auroranaut's Lockhelm The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png800 (Auroranaut Style Kit)
The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png1,500 (Auroranaut Mega Bundle)
Good King Benson Icon.png
Good King Benson The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png600 during Ramsgiving 2020
Corsair's Browband Icon.png
Corsair's Browband Hunt Pass Season: Fortune & Glory Level 15 Elite reward
Ironclad Helm Icon.png
Ironclad Helm The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 400
Frostfall Crown Icon.png
Frostfall Crown (Armour Skin) The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png1,400 (Frostfall Regalia Style Kit) during Frostfall
Recruit's Mask Icon 001.png
Recruit's Mask No longer obtainable. Previously was acquired as part of the Recruit's Armour via quest progression.
Puffletoppers Icon.png
Puffletoppers The Springtide Shop for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Springtide 2020

The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Springtide 2021 and 2022
Ruffletoppers Icon.png
Ruffletoppers The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Springtide
Fluffletoppers Icon.png
Fluffletoppers The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Springtide
Community Guardian Helm Icon.png
Community Guardian Helm Being part of the community moderator team
Ghost Fox Icon.png
Ghost Fox The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png950 (Ghost Fox Style Kit)
Cosmetic Hunt Pass: Secret Assassins Level 29 reward
Laughing Death Icon.png
Laughing Death Hunt Pass Season: Hidden Blades Level 15 Elite reward
Cosmetic Hunt Pass: Secret Assassins Level 30 reward
Gates of Perception Icon.png
Gates of Perception Hunt Pass Season: Relics & Ruin Level 34 Elite reward
Cosmetic Hunt Pass: Voidrunner Discovery Level 1 reward
Berserker Vision Icon.png
Berserker Vision The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 950 (Warrior Fury Style Kit)
Harvester's Head Icon.png
Harvester's Head The Store for Platinum 500 during Dark Harvest
Artisan's Circlet Icon.png
Artisan's Circlet Hunt Pass Season: Saint's Bond Level 31 Elite reward
Stealthwork Mask Icon.png
Stealthwork Mask The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 400
Frostfall Bells Icon.png
Frostfall Bells (Armour Skin) Hunt Pass Season: Frostfall Level 1 Elite reward
Hunt Pass Season: Myth & Legend Prestige Core
Mini Hunt Pass: The Legend of Silver Nikola Level 5 reward
Farsight Crest Icon.png
Farsight Crest Hunt Pass Season: Overgrowth Level 25 Elite reward
Hunt Pass Season: Farslayer's Fall Level 10 Elite reward
Savant's Hood Icon.png
Savant's Hood Hunt Pass Season: Saint's Bond Level 25 Elite reward
The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 600 during Saint's Bond 2020
Demonize Icon.png
Demonize Hunt Pass Season: Haunted Shadows Level 44 Elite reward
Hero's Band Icon.png
Hero's Band Hunt Pass Season: Myth & Legend Level 16 Elite reward
Mythic Barbuta Icon.png
Mythic Barbuta The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 600 (Hero of Legend Style Kit)
ZH-2 Vector Sight Icon.png
ZH-2 "Vector Sight" The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,100 (Enduring Force Style Kit)
Starlight Wonder Icon.png
Starlight Wonder The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,200 (Starbound Style Kit)
Serpent's Hiss Icon.png
Serpent's Hiss The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,100 (Serpentine Slayer Kit)
Commanding Gaze Icon.png
Commanding Gaze The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 500 (Hawk Command Style Kit)
Shady Shrowd Mask Icon.png
Shady Shrowd Mask Purchase from Honest Ozz for Harvest Coin Icon.png300 during Dark Harvest 2020
Phantom Eclipse Icon.png
Phantom Eclipse The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,200 (Umbral Eclipse Style Kit)
Helm of Conquest Icon.png
Helm of Conquest Hunt Pass Season: Burndown Level 25 Elite reward
ZH-X Wing Commander Icon.png
ZH-X "Wing Commander" The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,100 (Defiant Might Style Kit)
Alchemancer's Diadem Icon.png
Alchemancer's Diadem Hunt Pass Season: Strange Horizons Level 39 Elite reward
Blood Demon Icon.png
Blood Demon The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png 1,100 (Blood Demon Style Kit)
Heavy Drifts Icon.png
Heavy Drifts Hunt Pass Season: Realm of Ice Level 22 Elite reward
Trailblazer's Cloak Icon.png
Trailblazer's Cloak The Darkwoods Denizen Style Kit in the Store for Platinum Icon 001.png1,100
Twelve Flakes a-Falling Icon.png
Twelve Flakes a-Falling Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png50 during Frostfall 2020
Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png200 during Frostfall 2021
Three Rams a-Ramming Icon.png
Three Rams a-Ramming Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png100 during Frostfall 2020
Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png200 during Frostfall 2021
Two Gnashers Gnashing Icon.png
Two Gnashers Gnashing Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png150 during Frostfall 2020
Honest Ozz for Frostfall Coin Icon.png200 during Frostfall 2021
Warlord's Winter Wool Icon.png
Warlord's Winter Wool The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Frostfall 2021
Silver's Softest Sweater Icon.png
Silver's Softest Sweater The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Frostfall 2021
Nine Pups a-Puppin' Icon.png
Nine Pups a-Puppin' The Store for Platinum Icon 001.png500 during Frostfall 2020 or 2021