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Arkan Drew
Voice Actor
Josh Fingerhut

Arkan Drew "Aethersmith" is one of the NPCs from Ramsgate in Dauntless.

Journal Entry[ | ]

"l have new observations, Slayer. "

Arkan Drew, the respected aethersmith of Ramsgate, was born in St. Avellaine to upper-class parents. A bright child with an instinct for aether, his family allowed him to join the scholars of the Orrery when he was invited on his tenth birthday. Hoping to avoid a dull life of academia, Arkan plunged into the growing field of aetheric engineering. It was there he learned respect for aether and all it can do.

"Aether is on the wind."

Unlike many of his fellow scholars he has abandoned any pretense of strict observation and instead works directly to aid Slayers with aetheric technology. Crafting powerful lanterns that Slayers can use for many seemingly magical purposes — from enhancing their combat abilities to allowing long-range radio communications — the aethersmith has proven an integral resource for Ramsgate’s Slayers.

"In my younger days I'd have done it myself. "

Arkan Drew has been Ramsgate's aethersmith for as long as anyone, including Kat Sorrel, can remember. He is always happy to talk with someone who shares his abiding interest in aether — where it comes from, how it interacts with the world, and how it may be used to build wondrous new devices like his lanterns.

Whenever dealing with Slayers in Ramsgate, Arkan offers his help with a twinkle in his eye, a thirst for knowledge in his heart, and a minimum of lengthy explanations. Even if he doesn't always manage that last part.