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Aether is an energy source found in The Shattered Isles that causes them to float and powers behemoths and weapons. Aether is also a fuel for the slayer ships.

Summary[ | ]

Aether, a source of power which has the ability to both destroy and to create. Aether manifests in all living creatures. The only reason The Shattered Isles is still afloat is because of aether. Aether was used by the great Aethersmiths to forge massively powerful weapons. These weapons were used against the Behemoths, who in turn consume aether with every island they conquer, becoming ever more powerful, but once defeated they return to become Aether again.

When a large amount of aether is concentrated in one area. It will become solid. Turning into Archonite.[1]

Lore[ | ]

The aethersmith is closing up shop as you walk up, having just come from the dock. “Little late to be getting back from the frontier, isn’t it?” he smiles, wiping sweat from his brow. “Too late to fire up the forge at any rate. Swing by tomorrow and show me what you found.” He turns to go inside when you produce the glowing arcanite from your pouch, energy swirling and seething beneath its surface. He stops mid-stride. “Where did you… Well, it won’t do you much good without the–” You retrieve the fractured behemoth horn with your other hand, letting the light of the setting sun glimmer across its razor-sharp edge. The smith tucks his rag in his belt, waving you into the shop. “Alright, slayer,” he says, grinning as he grabs his apron. “It’s going to be a long night, then. Help me get the fire started.”

Thanks to Kat’s foresight, Arkan Drew was ready to help the Scarred Master transform Adamant aether strikers into weapons powerful enough to take on the Behemoths themselves. These Slayer’s aether strikers are what Kat dreamed of so long ago: weapons that could allow one to truly go toe-to-toe with a Behemoth, strength against terrible strength.

The Scarred Master and the last Adamant Fists will now call Ramsgate their home. She will train Slayers to use aether strikers and help forge them from the Behemoths that are their prey, and build as many of these sacred weapons as are needed. Indeed, strikers may just be the beginning, for the aethersmith and the Scarred Master found such success in their collaboration that they are eager to continue studying the interaction of ancient aether techniques with modern aetheric technology.[2]

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