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Advanced Strikes
The Scarred Master
The Scarred Master
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Summary[ | ]

The Scarred Master wants you to demonstrate a powerful but complex attack with your Aether Strikers.

Journal[ | ]

Seeing you have learned the basics of aether striker combat, the Scarred Master now wants you to demonstrate that you understand how to perform more advanced techniques. Achieve your Tempest Form and Karma Breaker mantras and then unleash the Adamant Bolt for maximum impact. Press Escape to see how to trigger these aether striker abilities.

Objectives[ | ]

Deal 5000 damage with Adamant Bolt while Tempest Form and Karma Breaker's effects are active.

Rewards[ | ]

Dialogue[ | ]

(Quest start)

Scarred Master: "Take up your strikers. I want to see how effectively you are able to draw on true power. The power within."

Scarred Master: "First, you must achieve the Tempest Form and Karma Breaker mantras. Then prepare your most powerful striker attack—the Adamant Bolt. Show me true inner strength, Slayer."

(Complete objectives)

Scarred Master: "True mastery takes a lifetime, Slayer, but you have already achieved what for many takes years to learn. I look forward to witnessing your progress."

(Quest complete)