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The Adamant Temple was a place somewhere in the Shattered Isles.

Summary[ | ]

The Adamant Temple home was to the Adamant Fists, as well as a former student of the Adamant Fists Katerin Sorrel. The temple was home to a group of monks that trained in the art of pure hand-to-hand aetheric combat. A art used to defeat your foe by channeling aether through their very souls into their deadly hands. They were formidable and Katerin Sorrel was among them while she was studying their fighting styles.

The Master, also known as the Scarred Master was the mentor of Katerin Sorrel. She learned that the Adamant Fists used ancient gauntlets called aether strikers. These gauntlets allowed the user to draw in aether from the surrounding area into their own body, greatly increasing the power and speed of the user. It allowed the user to perform impossible feats of aether-shaping and martial fury.

Following the event of the Skyquake, the temple was destroyed and all but 7 Adamant Fists survived, including the Scarred Master. Katerin Sorrel reached out in the hope of contacting the Adamant Temple, but it seemed that hope was lost until the Scarred Master shoved up in Ramsgate ready to help Katerin Sorrel.[1]

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